Materials chemistry news, August 2023

Researchers have developed a new machine-learning model for discovering magnetic materials that are free of critical elements.

Researchers have developed a chemical system of synthetic replicators that shows the first signs of Darwinian evolution.

Researchers have created a designer quantum material that features a quasiparticle made of entangled electrons known as a triplon.

Researchers have found a way to use particles of light as a ‘switch’ to connect and control the spin of electrons in a quantum material.

Researchers have confirmed that the 'seed' particles used to grow gold nanoparticles are actually 32-atom spherical molecules known as gold buckyballs.

Recycling polyester with just heat, a non-toxic solvent, and a basic household ingredient

Thin-film nanoporous membrane offers sustainable management of wastewater

By combining pyrolysis and hydroformylation, researchers have developed a novel process for turning low-value waste plastic into high-value products.

Researchers have developed a novel nanocomposite with intriguing properties by mixing hard and soft versions of boron nitride.

Inspired by mussels, researchers have developed a new kind of membrane that can separate chemicals within wastewater so effectively they can be reused.

Macro-rotaxanes comrising multiple cyclic wheels locked together with high-molecular-weight axles can enhance the properties of soft polymers.

Researchers have shown that chemically generated fluid flows can be used to assemble 2D polymeric sheets into 3D structures.

adding a bulky cation to a perovskite improves the stability and efficiency of solar cells

A novel method for extracting lignin from wheat straw can produce a more uniform molecule with a consistent molecular weight.

Researchers have grown high-quality thin films of a novel superconductor and shown that it can withstand high magnetic fields.

A novel robot called RoboMapper can conduct experiments more efficiently and sustainably to develop new semiconductor materials with desirable properties.

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A novel platinum-gold alloy, 100 times more durable than high-strength steel, is believed to be the most wear-resistant metal in the world.


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Dopamine-containing tissue adhesive gelatin hydrogels for wound management


Researchers have developed a new copper-titanium alloy for 3D printing that is much less prone to cracking or distortion than other titanium alloys.