Materials chemistry news, July 2015

Engineers have developed a new approach to structuring the catalysts used in essential reactions in the chemical and energy fields.

New Impact Factors and metrics

Take a look at the latest Materials Today impact factors.

Researchers have developed a new process to develop few-layer graphene for use in energy storage.

Fuel cells are regarded as the technology of the future for both cars and household heating systems.

High-performance computing and sophisticated chemical modeling software can calculate the properties of potential electrolytes for batteries.

Using graphene to produce sensitive molecule sensor.

The Air Force Research Lab has announced the Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge.

new chemical reaction pathway on titanium dioxide shown

The much-maligned fizzy drink may have a saving grace after all - it turns out that they are a great source of porous carbon.

New research published in Biomaterials shows flu vaccines delivered using microneedles that dissolves in the skin.

SoftwareX is now open for submissions.

Researchers are now studying what happens when different drugs come in contact with this silver coating.

A team of bioengineers have developed a new protein-based gel that mimics many of the properties of skin and blood vessels.

Postdoctoral scholars in between jobs can get free access to Elsevier's journals and books on ScienceDirect.

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