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combination of two 3D-printable polymers create mechanical metamaterials with a shape memory response

Stabilization by electron-accepting boron compounds helps structural analysis of anionic Pt(0) complexes

transition metal carbide and carbonitride MXenes possess optical properties in the visible and IR range ideal for thermal management applications

conductive additive to high-Ni cathode boosts performance and cyclability of all-solid-state batteries

A novel ferroelectric composite material can be used to produce medical implants with antimicrobial properties via 3D printing.

energy efficient process uses bacteria to produce bone-like porous CaCO3-based composites

Scalable, automatable process for energy-efficient building materials

Researchers have developed a liquid-metal-filled organogel composite with high electrical conductivity, high stretchability and self-healing properties.

By incorporating bacteria into a hydrogel, researchers have developed a 3D-printable bioink that can mineralize over the course of a few days.

conductive cellulose-based ink for printing 3D stretchable wearable electronics is cheaper and less energy intensive to produce

lupin hull biowaste could offer a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly, feedstock for biomaterials and bioplastics

new cermet inspired by the bricks-and-mortar structure of natural nacre demonstrates promising properties for structural load-bearing applications

A novel, injectable nanofiber-hydrogel composite loaded with stem cells can effectively treat the perianal fistulas associated with Crohn’s disease.

self-sensing, self-healing composite could extend the life of composites used in transport and renewable energy applications

Engineers have created a film made of liquid crystal elastomers that can leap high into the air like a grasshopper.

new scaffold material support bone regeneration and regrowth, while reducing chance of infection

Italian researchers look to cellulose and carbon for ingestible devices

incorporating bacteria-derived biomass directly into biocomposites could save costs

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