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3D piezoelectric makes flexible energy harvester

flexible three-dimensional piezoelectric nanocomposite with integrated electrodes makes useful energy harvesting device

By burning away a scaffold of carbon nanotubes, engineers have been able to produce a forest of aligned boron nitride nanotubes.

Researchers have developed a new self-healing fiber-reinforced composite that allows structures such as aircraft wings to repair themselves in place.

novel conductive biomaterial composite based on pristine graphene and collagen is ideal for neural medical device applications

Researchers have developed a novel method for producing a strong, degradable plastic with a high content of wood fibers.

A novel composite coating made of the 2D material MXene and vanadium in a polymer solution can absorb and disburse electromagnetic radiation.

3D printing of simulated Mars rock and dust

Addition of graphene gives running shoes a boost

Choosing the right natural fibre can have a big impact

new concept for lead-free X-ray shielding material based on two-dimensional antimonene

Using biomimetic proteins, researchers have created composite layered 2D materials that are resistant to breaking and extremely stretchable.

Researchers have shown that a novel photovoltaic device made from an antimony-based composite can distinguish between different colors of light.

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