Composites news, September 2019

Only around 1% of the surface area of the electrodes in organic solar cells needs to be electrically conductive for them to be fully effective.

Self-folding materials pop-up at a stretch

mechanically-triggered origami-inspired approach creates complex three-dimensional structures for biomedicine, electronics or robotics

coating based on a metal-organic framework containing silver nanoparticles could reduce spread of bacterial contamination of surgical devices and surfaces

A novel nanocomposite comprising bacteria-generated tellurium nanorods embedded in a polymer makes an effective nonlinear optical material.

A novel algorithm can identify MOF pairs able to connect to one another via the metal node on one binding with the organic linker on the other.

Graphene composite for terahertz astronomy

carbon nanocomposite aptasensor offers an innovative platform for quick and simple TB detection in clinical applications

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