Composites news, March 2019

Nanocomposite cathode for Li-ion batteries

A polymer composite containing graphene and nanoparticles can produce a more stable solid-electrolyte interphase in lithium metal batteries.

underbelly of lobsters could hold clue to developing a tough, strong and flexible material for body armor and other applications

Researchers have discovered that a high-strength polymer called PBDT has a rare double-helix structure.

Silencing MRI machines, jet airplanes and loudspeakers

Physicists have discovered that placing 2D semiconductors on top of each other and twisting them causes the emergence of novel hybrid properties.

Study of the effect of cutting process on the microstructure of different SiC-based constituents found in SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites.

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Researchers have developed a new polymer composite that can change its behavior depending on temperature to perform specific tasks.


Addition of titanium carbide-based materials significantly reduces friction and wear

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