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Researchers investigate commonplace polymers with an eye to the microplastics crisis

Researchers have determined how memories form in materials called disordered solids and how existing memories can be ‘read’ and even erased.

egg white proteins can be transformed into ultralightweight carbon aerogels for highly efficient water purification

block copolymer self-assembly combined with 3D printing creates ceramics with nano- to microscale porosity

Using quantum mechanical models, researchers have more accurately predicted how amorphous carbon conducts electricity and absorbs light.

well-ordered novel carbon nanostructures such as nanowalls can be grown by electrodeposition from molten salts

electrochemical modification of carbon fibers makes polymer composites tougher

Using computer modelling, researchers have predicted the existence of a new layered form of carbon they call 'amorphous graphite'.

Scientists used sophisticated molecular dynamics simulations to better understand the unusual properties of amorphous materials such as glass.

Researchers have developed an oxysulfide glass electrolyte for use in ambient-temperature solid-state sodium-sulfur batteries.

green-solvent-processable, open-air printable self-assembly strategy for fabricating stable, efficient OSCs

flexible electrical patch based on a hydrogel impregnated with antibacterial silver nanowires speeds up wound healing

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