Amorphous materials news

new cermet inspired by the bricks-and-mortar structure of natural nacre demonstrates promising properties for structural load-bearing applications

self-sensing, self-healing composite could extend the life of composites used in transport and renewable energy applications

new scaffold material support bone regeneration and regrowth, while reducing chance of infection

New ab-initio simulation unveils ways to reduce friction and wear

Researchers have shown that metadynamics can be used to find low-energy configurations in the energy landscapes of glassy materials.

Using advanced X-ray techniques, researchers have produced a detailed chemical map of the solid-electrolyte interphase in lithium-metal batteries.

Using two different approaches, researchers have developed novel electrocatalysts for producing hydrogen that don't contain precious metals.

Researchers investigate commonplace polymers with an eye to the microplastics crisis

Researchers have determined how memories form in materials called disordered solids and how existing memories can be ‘read’ and even erased.

egg white proteins can be transformed into ultralightweight carbon aerogels for highly efficient water purification

block copolymer self-assembly combined with 3D printing creates ceramics with nano- to microscale porosity

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