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By examining ring shapes in silica glass, researchers have uncovered details about the structural regularity hidden in glassy materials.

Researchers have developed a microporous glass coating that can radiate away the heat from buildings into the depths of space.

By fabricating their newly developed amorphous material as tiny strings, researchers have been able to demonstrate its exceptional strength.

Researchers have fabricated a pure form of glass and coated it with stramds of DNA to create a material that is both lightweight and stronger than steel.

Researchers have proposed a new theoretical framework, involving thermal avalanches, to explain dynamical heterogeneities in glass-forming liquids.

impact-resistant materials inspired by the largest edible fruit on Earth, the jackfruit, show better performance

Using computer simulations of glass-forming particles, researchers have discovered a new type of exotic ordering that can influence glass formation.

atom probe tomography reveals crucial organic-inorganic interfacial interactions during mineralization

Researchers have discovered how colloidal liquids transform into a gel and shown that it doesn't occur via glass formation.

atomic-scale composition of regrowing bone in a bioceramic scaffold revealed for the first time using an atom probe

Researchers have found that the hydrogel polyethylene glycol can absorb moisture from the atmosphere even as temperatures climb.

new cermet inspired by the bricks-and-mortar structure of natural nacre demonstrates promising properties for structural load-bearing applications

self-sensing, self-healing composite could extend the life of composites used in transport and renewable energy applications

new scaffold material support bone regeneration and regrowth, while reducing chance of infection

New ab-initio simulation unveils ways to reduce friction and wear

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