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well-ordered novel carbon nanostructures such as nanowalls can be grown by electrodeposition from molten salts

electrochemical modification of carbon fibers makes polymer composites tougher

Using computer modelling, researchers have predicted the existence of a new layered form of carbon they call 'amorphous graphite'.

Scientists used sophisticated molecular dynamics simulations to better understand the unusual properties of amorphous materials such as glass.

Researchers have developed an oxysulfide glass electrolyte for use in ambient-temperature solid-state sodium-sulfur batteries.

green-solvent-processable, open-air printable self-assembly strategy for fabricating stable, efficient OSCs

flexible electrical patch based on a hydrogel impregnated with antibacterial silver nanowires speeds up wound healing

carbon fiber-based composite battery electrodes could pave the way for high-performance structural components with energy storage capabilities

metal-free electrocatalysts based on organic molecules with napthalenediimide (NDI) functional groups offer a promising alternative to Pt catalysts

simple method produces anatase-based Ti carbo-oxides, as well as other 2D nanomaterials at ambient conditions from inexpensive green precursors

sound-sensitive hydrogels can change their stiffness locally to affect cellular behavior

Common clay material helps curb methane emissions

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