Amorphous materials comment

By Dr Stephanie Liggins, Principal Scientist and Project Lead, Element Six

Using algae as a building material.

Comment by Sean McGee, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA.

Combining meta materials, biomimetics and life

Ceramic poppies and human blue paints

A day not to celebrate.

Overcoming challenges in development and characterization.

Alternative substitutes to transplants.

Researchers have successfully toughened a bulk-metallic glass with commercially available spring-shaped steel wire by centrifugal casting.

Will we ever see an anticancer silver bullet, Trojan horse or ticking time bomb for the disease?

Heart attack treatment in the UK versus Sweden.

Smaller, more efficient batteries.

The end of eye drops; help for Glaucoma patients.

A highly flexible and nonflammable alternative to cellulose based paper.

Steve Bagshaw explains opportunities for materials scientists to engage with the green revolution.

The route to characterising finger prints for example has developed at an astonishing rate, and nanotechnology has had a great part to play in this.

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A new composite glass-based material can block UV light and withstand long radiation exposure times without falling apart.


Cambridge researchers have shown that particle size isn’t the only concern when it comes to the risks posed by volcanic ashes.

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