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New type of electrolyte extends the life of lithium metal batteries

New nanosheets for electronics, energy storage, and health and safety applications

stretchable polymer-perovskite quantum dot nanocomposite transistor functions as an artificial synapse

A new 3D inkjet printing system can work with a much wider range of materials by using computer vision to monitor the printing process.

A new laser-based technique offers a non-destructive and high-throughput way to dynamically characterize microscale metamaterials.

Making slight tweaks to a non-chiral polymer to introduce helical structures can cause major changes in the phases of the polymer.

A novel method can determine the sequence of a polymer as it is made, by imaging and identifying every single monomer as it is added to the polymer.

Dopamine-containing tissue adhesive gelatin hydrogels for wound management

smart contact lens with novel bimetallic electrodes monitors glucose levels in tears in real time

Researchers have developed a multipurpose, high-performance barrier material from self-assembling nanosheets.

Researchers have developed modular nanoparticles that can be easily customized to target biological entities such as tumors, viruses and toxins.

Researchers have shown that a new synthetic hydrogel made from peptides that zip together can behave like biological tissue.

Using bioluminescent algae, researchers have created soft yet durable materials that glow in response to mechanical stress.

Improved perovskite photovoltaic cells for large-surface devices

Taking inspiration from the way swifts make their nests, researchers have developed a nontoxic process for making cellulose gels.

novel polymer nanofiber wound dressing scaffold material exploits the piezoelectric effect to stimulate healing and protect against bacterial infection

Upcycling of plastic water bottles achieved by new process

all solution-based route enables fabrication of bio-mimicking electronic eyes

Electron beam radiation shown to repair cracks in crystals

Researchers have shown that a membrane made from newly developed DUCKY polymers can be used to process crude oil.

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By coating cotton with a conducting polymer, researchers have developed a fabric that can harvest body heat to power wearable electronic devices.

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Smart skin that responds to heat and sunlight


Environmentally friendly use of mussel shell waste with interesting properties

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