Polymers and soft materials news, January 2014

A new method could eventually find applications from nondestructive testing of materials to sound suppression.

Researchers at MIT have come up with a new approach to transparent displays that can have significant advantages over existing systems.

Synthetic biology special issue published in the journal Chemical Engineering Science

Your research videos featured on MaterialsToday.com

Access a special issue of Polymer, focusing on porous polymers.

Researchers compared the collective responses of the motor proteins to variations in motor numbers and cargo sizes.

Two university research teams have worked together to produce the world’s fastest thin-film organic transistors.

The MATLAB figure viewer is now available in over 100 Elsevier journals, spanning materials science, computer science, engineering and more.

Researchers at ETH are developing electronic components that are thinner and more flexible than before.

Researchers in the United States have suggested an alternative way to allocate science funding.

Researchers have found an easy way to modify the molecular structure of a polymer commonly used in solar cells.

We look over the best materials science news items that are the most read over the month of December 2013.

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