Polymers and soft materials news, October 2015

An innovative redox-flow battery utilizes a liquid electrolyte made from organic polymers and water.

Polymeric capsules that can be triggered by an ultrasonic signal could release a cargo of drugs at specific times or in sequence

Plastic-digesting enzymes found in mealworm gut

improving the stability of quantum dots by chemically altering their surface in an environmentally benign way

Scientists have created a novel, environmentally-friendly flame retardant derived from the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Scientists have uncovered a design rule that allows the creation of peptide-like nanosheets that are larger and flatter than any biological structure.

4D printing technology that creates complex self-folding structures

A new polymeric fuel additive for jet engines can reduce the intensity of post-impact explosions.

A new paper from the inventor of the dye sensitized solar cell suggests that inkjet printing may be the key to improving their performance.

Optical invisibility cloaks could increase the efficiency of solar cells by guiding sunlight around objects that cast a shadow on the cells.

Materials Today now invites researchers to propose projects that fit within the scope of the Grand Challenge.

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