Polymers and soft materials news, December 2019

A new magnetic shape-memory polymer can be transformed into a variety of different shapes with magnetic fields and then be locked into place.

By taking advantage of polarons and plasmons, researchers have been able to develop optical nanoantennas from a conducting polymer.

Robotic high throughput polymer generation

A synthetic actuator made from thermo-responsive liquid crystal polymer networks and a coat of dye can learn to bend and walk in response to light.

A new ion-transport membrane technology based on microporous polymers could reduce the cost of storing energy and purifying water.

By encapsulating perovskite nanocrystals in both silica and plastic hairs, researchers have enhanced their ability to withstand moisture.

Using an electron microscope, researchers have unlocked the fundamental physics of how roughness affects soft material adhesion to a surface.

Build a better biomimetic bone

Depositing an organic polymer as highly aligned crystals produces a transparent, flexible coating with high electrical conductivity.

German Research Foundation honours Dr. Baptiste Gault with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award

A new liquid-handling robotic system for synthesizing novel synthetic polymers can create up to 384 different polymers at once.

plastic waste in seawater breaks down and dissolves into organic molecules much more quickly than expected when exposed to sunlight

highly porous polymer foam that mimic bone marrow drives the differentiation of blood-forming stem cells

Researchers have developed a new type of polymer gel that, while still highly porous and malleable, has a much more ordered structure.

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