Polymers and soft materials news, August 2023

Researchers have developed a 'living material’ for cleaning up pollutants by combining a seaweed-based polymer with genetically engineered bacteria.

Researchers have developed a chemical system of synthetic replicators that shows the first signs of Darwinian evolution.

industrial thermoplastic composite waste can be recycled into filaments for additive manufacturing

Recycling polyester with just heat, a non-toxic solvent, and a basic household ingredient

Thin-film nanoporous membrane offers sustainable management of wastewater

By combining pyrolysis and hydroformylation, researchers have developed a novel process for turning low-value waste plastic into high-value products.

Inspired by mussels, researchers have developed a new kind of membrane that can separate chemicals within wastewater so effectively they can be reused.

Macro-rotaxanes comrising multiple cyclic wheels locked together with high-molecular-weight axles can enhance the properties of soft polymers.

Researchers have shown that chemically generated fluid flows can be used to assemble 2D polymeric sheets into 3D structures.

Researchers have engineered microbes to be able to convert plant sugars into starting ingredients for a recyclable plastic known as PDK.

Researchers have found a way to incorporate brittle n-type semiconductors into flexible electronic systems, by sandwiching them between rubbery elastomers.

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