Polymers and soft materials news, September 2023

Researchers have fabricated a pure form of glass and coated it with stramds of DNA to create a material that is both lightweight and stronger than steel.

A novel bottom-up approach to producing nanomaterials takes advantage of the fact that crystals often grow in a specific direction.

Grafting isolated copper atoms onto 2D polymer templates produces a highly efficient catalyst for converting carbon dioxide into methane.

Researchers used mechanochemistry to characterize how a polymer chain in solution responds to a sudden acceleration of the solvent flow around it.

‘Engineered living material’ that decontaminates pollutants from water

Researchers have shown that conerting waste plastics into graphene by rapid flash Joule heating also results in the production of hydrogen.

actuators based on composite fibers comprising aligned reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanosheets and PEDOT: PSS surpass biological muscles

New material makes data encryption safer

Environmentally-friendly fire retardants might be closer (to the toilet) than you think.

Study shows that polylactic acid films are altered by glucose and ketone bodies

Researchers have developed a molecularly engineered hydrogel that can create clean water from air using just the energy in sunlight.

A novel composite, textile-based material uses heat to kill viruses on its outer surface while staying cool on the reverse side near the user’s skin.

Turkish researchers develop low-cost, flexible device using simple methods

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