Polymers and soft materials news, April 2016

Molecules give electrons good vibrations

Molecular electronic plasmonics is bringing together molecular electronics and plasmonics for next generation devices.

A new technique known as ion soft-landing can produce battery electrodes with significantly better electrical capacity and long-term stability.

Scientists have invented a metal nanowire-based battery material that can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.

View the live 2016 Elsevier Distinguished Lecture on Wednesday April 27th, 2016.

View details about the Fifth International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials, taking place in March 2017.

Explore the Special Issue on The Effects of Confinement on Polymeric Thermal Transitions and Nanostructuring, here.

Explore the new Special Issue on Thermophysical Properties, Thermal Stability and Fire Retardancy of Polymers Blends and Filled Polymers.

Researchers from Los Alamos may have found a way to produce perovskite thin films, using a cheap, scalable technique.

3D printing of robots from both solids and liquids for the first time.

New moldable thermoplastic polymer leads to renewable thermoplastics.

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