Polymers and soft materials news, July 2016

Scientists have found a way to create a strong composite material made from lots of uniformly stacked layers of graphene and polycarbonate.

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Novel lipid-like peptoids can spontaneously form a membrane with similar properties to cell membranes found in nature.

A novel material for use in the sub-ballast layer of train tracks incorporates shredded rubber from used tires.

Scientists have developed a film that curls up and straightens out when exposed to tiny changes in ambient humidity.

Lanthanides bring color and white light properties to responsive hydrogels.

Stretched out photovoltaic materials based on polymers rather than silicon

Cheap wireless smartphone-integrated sensors that detect toxic gas.

Scientists have discovered that the wettability and adhesion of graphene can be controlled by doping it with metals and polymers.

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Several smart abilities, including shape-memory behavior, light-activated movement and self-healing behavior, have been combined in a single material.

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