Polymers and soft materials news, July 2020

The missing link for recycling thermoset plastics

A novel 'GI tract-on-a-chip'has shown that covalent adaptable hydrogels can degrade and spontaneously reform in the gastrointestinal tract.

By varying the amounts of two different monomers, researchers have developed polymer materials that can produce a shape-memory hand.

graphene antennas could offer a flexible metal-free option for wearable electronics

Researchers have shown that thin sheets of material with periodic cuts can be used to mold an inflating balloon into pre-programmed shapes.

Researchers have developed a three-layer anti-reflection coating for making plastic sheets conductive and more transparent.

Researchers have developed a lightweight, multifunctional nanofiber material that can protect wearers from projectiles and extreme temperatures.

polymer fiber-reinforced bone cements stabilize dental implants more effectively after extraction

Smart medicines could generate drugs and imaging agents when they come into contact with diseased tissues

Materials called metal-organic frameworks can be spun into fibres to filter particulate pollutants from air

Researchers have developed a family of polymer materials that come alive when hit with light – bending, rotating and even crawling on surfaces.

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