Polymers and soft materials news, June 2023

Using nanomagnets, rubber and conductive yarn, scientists have invented a smart textile that can sense and measure body movements.

biodegradable perforated scaffold supports hierarchical regrowth of blood vessels, blood flow to implanted tissue, and integrates with capillaries

atom probe tomography reveals crucial organic-inorganic interfacial interactions during mineralization

Researchers have found a way to increase the toughness of flexible elastomers by replacing existing cross-links with ones that are five times weaker.

A novel solar-powered reactor can convert captured carbon dioxide and plastic waste into sustainable fuels and other valuable chemical products.

Researchers have shown that a hydrogel infused with lithium chloride can soak up a record amount of moisture from the air, even in desert-like conditions.

A novel class of metamaterial that possess a point or line where the material doesn’t deform under stress could act as mechanical memory.

A novel conducting polymer hydrogel can be used to print soft electrodes for use in bioelectronic implants and other medical devices.

Wearable textiles capture energy from body movement to generate electricity

By utilizing a clear-zone assay, researchers have developed a novel dataset to help determine whether or not a polymer is biodegradable.

Charge-trapping in-memory sensor for next generation of applications

Advanced polymers help in treating burn patients

Researchers have studied the effects of reversible interactions on the dynamics of new associative polymers they developed.

Chilean researchers explore novel approach to eco-friendly food packaging

Vegetable oils may enable stronger and more eco-friendly sound absorbing materials

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