The entire team at the Biomaterials journal would like to warmly congratulate Prof. Abhay Pandit for his election as an International Fellow of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (FTERM) at the 4th TERMIS World Congress which took place in Boston Sep 8 to 11.

Here are two of the latest articles co-authored by Prof. Pandit – they are freely available until 31st December 2015.

Modulation of inflammation and angiogenesis and changes in ECM GAG-activity via dual delivery of nucleic acids? Volume 69, November 2015, Pages 133–147

An injectable elastin-based gene delivery platform for dose-dependent modulation of angiogenesis and inflammation for critical limb ischemia? Volume 65, October 2015, Pages 126–139

Professor Abhay Pandit, Director of CÚRAM, the Centre for Research in Medical Devices, is the first Ireland-based academic to be elected Fellow of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Group (TERMIS). Professor Pandit has established a critical mass of biomaterials expertise in Ireland. His research integrates material science and biological paradigms in developing solutions for chronic disease. He has developed the next generation of biomaterials that have programmable degradation profiles and inbuilt gradients of physical and protective cues, which facilitates therapeutics to injury mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels. These platforms have been developed for neural, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular clinical targets with numerous other targets currently under development.  Professor Pandit has received numerous awards and distinctions. He has also been inducted as an International Fellow in Biomaterials Science and Engineering by the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering, published more than 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals, filed numerous patent applications and has licensed four technologies to medical device companies. He has coordinated three EU grants to date and currently hosts researchers from 25 countries.

Commenting on the award Professor Pandit stated “I am extremely honoured to be elected Fellow to the FTERM group. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine is a key area of expertise at CÚRAM and we are perfectly placed to continue to encourage and train the next generation of researchers who will sustain and further advance the principles of this important discipline. I look forward to fostering new activities within TERMIS and continuing my involvement with the Society”.