Materials chemistry news, January 2022

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown 1D zeolite material that has a tube-like structure with perforated porous walls.

Researchers have developed a cost-competitive, low-pressure method for turning industrially processed lignin into high-performance plastics.

sound-sensitive hydrogels can change their stiffness locally to affect cellular behavior

Customized 3D printing of flexible OLED display

Inducing spin-orbit coupling in magic-angle graphene makes it a powerful ferromagnet

Common clay material helps curb methane emissions

algorithm can predict the location of nanosilica particles in a nanocomposite and will aid the design of better materials

Researchers have developed hairy cellulose nanocrystals that can capture off-target chemotherapy drugs to prevent tissue damage.

Researchers have developed a thin film containing a phase-change material that can switch between absorbing heat from the Sun and reflecting it.

By taking advantage of novel materials, researchers have produced nanolasers that can be switched on and off with a magnetic field.

Researchers have developed a method for stabilizing a specific perovskite material in solar cells, without compromising its near-perfect performance.

By applying machine learning to the data in their own megalibraries, researchers have successfully guided the synthesis of new nanomaterials.

Simple and effective approach to manufacturing a super hard material from bulk natural wood

New battery material offers useful stability and recharges as fast as lithium-ion batteries

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