Materials chemistry news, October 2023

Researchers have shown that a new synthetic hydrogel made from peptides that zip together can behave like biological tissue.

Researchers have improved the thermal stability of perovskite solar cells by anchoring a self-assembled monolayer onto nickel oxide nanoparticles.

By forming a self-assembled monolayer on top of a silicon substrate, researchers have created a highly slippery surface for repelling water droplets.

Improved perovskite photovoltaic cells for large-surface devices

Researchers have managed to develop novel electrode and electrolyte materials for lithium-ion batteries that don't contain any cobalt.

Taking inspiration from the way swifts make their nests, researchers have developed a nontoxic process for making cellulose gels.

Upcycling of plastic water bottles achieved by new process

Electron beam radiation shown to repair cracks in crystals

Researchers have shown that a membrane made from newly developed DUCKY polymers can be used to process crude oil.

Researchers have combined metal nanoclusters and graphene nanosheets to produce a new and imporved separator for lithium-sulfur batteries.

Researchers have developed a magnetoelectric material that can generate an electric signal able to stimulate neural activity.

A novel halide perovskite, made using vitamin C, can stabilize an extremely rare form of gold that has lost two negatively charged electrons.

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