Materials chemistry news, September 2023

By combining high-entropy materials with halide perovskites, researchers have found a way to produce semiconductors at low temperatures.

Researchers developed 'sticky' silica particles that can capture coronavirus particles and attached them to the surface of face masks.

materials systems and essential mechanisms for novel brain-like computing identified

Grafting isolated copper atoms onto 2D polymer templates produces a highly efficient catalyst for converting carbon dioxide into methane.

A novel metal-organic framework film with the smallest possible thickness can perform record levels of hydrogen-nitrogen separation.

Researchers have found a way to grow high-quality indium selenide, a 2D semiconductor, on an industrial-scale silicon wafer.

Researchers have shown that an alloy of nickel and gold displays particularly promising thermoelectric properties.

‘Engineered living material’ that decontaminates pollutants from water

New material makes data encryption safer

Researchers have developed a cheap, sustainable, high-strength adhesive by simply mixing together three abundant natural materials.

Researchers have uncovered evidence that a material that is a prime candidate to be a quantum spin liquid represents a new phase of disordered matter.

A hybrid catalyst comprising a layer of zinc on copper can efficiently convert carbon dioxide and waste nitrogen into the fertilizer urea.

Rechargeable battery with improved operating voltage and energy density

Researchers have developed a molecularly engineered hydrogel that can create clean water from air using just the energy in sunlight.

Turkish researchers develop low-cost, flexible device using simple methods

Researchers have developed bio-based adhesive formulations that grow stronger when underwater or exposed to wet conditions.

Researchers have developed a novel catalyst for reducing carbon dioxide by loading silver nanoparticles onto a titanium dioxide support.

impact-resistant materials inspired by the largest edible fruit on Earth, the jackfruit, show better performance

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