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Materials news, May 2019

Engineering group Fives Lund has been recognized as supplier of the year in the technology category by The Boeing Company.

Materials processing company Oerlikon has opened a new US$55 million additive manufacturing (AM) facility in Huntersville, NC, USA.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has awarded its 2019 scholarships to students studying various subjects that can lead to a career in powder coating.

A nanocomposite that combines polymer nanofibers and boron nitride nanosheets could make a superior dielectric material for flexible electronics.

penguin feathers and polar bear fur hold the key for designing effective thermal insulating materials

UK car manufacturing output decreased by almost half in April, according to figures published today by the SMMT.

America Makes has announced the five organizations who will be funded by its Advanced Tools for Rapid Qualification (ATRQ) project.

The Composites Leadership Forum (CLF) announces that Ken Smart, executive director at McLaren Automotive, will take over the role of chair.

Inks made from 2D materials like graphene can be coated onto a polyester fabric in a simple dyeing process to produce electronic components.

Chinese researchers offer a simple route to bandgap engineering

EOS has developed four new metal materials for additive manufacturing (AM).

Porcher Sport, the sports and leisure division of Porcher Industries, plans to be a race sponsor of the Red Bull X-Alps 2019 paragliding race.

Covestro says that it is a partner of the global Carbon Footprint Challenge.

Umicore and mining company Glencore have entered into an agreement for the supply of cobalt hydroxide (cobalt) for Umicore’s battery materials.

hierarchical structure of horse's hoof inspires energy-absorbing, impact-resistant materials

Cardiac patch that can be placed directly onto the heart for treatment of heart disease

Carpenter Technology Corporation has set out the details of its new additive manufacturing (AM) business unit.

Materials specialist Sandvik says that it has launched four sustainability goals for 2030.

Injection molding specialist Arburg has opened new premises in Samutprakarn, Thailand.

Polymer company Covestro is working with the Technical University of Cologne to investigate how to improve aqueous polymer dispersions.

Researchers have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can accurately predict the mechanical properties of metal organic frameworks.

researchers have developed an alternative to plastic in the form of a recyclable composite made from graphite and cellulose extracted from wood pulp

Umicore plans to acquire Freeport Cobalt’s cobalt refining and cathode precursor activities in Kokkola, Finland, for US$190 million.

Lanxess plans to showcase polyamide 66 alternatives during a conference taking place at plastics testing center Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum (SKZ).

Composite specialist Kordsa showcased a range of its products at SAMPE 2019, taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 21-22 May 2019.

quasiparticles detected experimentally for the first time

A novel coating can promote droplet formation and shedding in low-surface-tension fluids, thereby improving heat transfer.

3D printing company SLM Solutions has opened new office facilities and an application center at its head office in Shanghai, China.

Solvay has announced an agreement with polymer 3D printing company Stratasys to develop additive manufacturing (AM) filaments.

The Ceratizit Group plans to exhibit a range of its cutting tools suitable for manufacturing in the aerospace industry at the International Air Show.

A new polymer coating for battery cathodes can improve the electronic and ionic conductivity of a battery while also improving its safety.

A novel a bowl-shaped electrode catalyst with 'hot edges' can efficiently convert carbon dioxide into carbon-based fuels and chemicals.

Scientists have discovered that applying strain to 2D materials such as doped-graphene could increase their critical superconducting temperature.

Scott Bader plans to host a free webinar covering rapid tooling in composites.

Fraunhofer scientists have competed a project to look into physical testing can benefit from numerical methods.

A novel foam made primarily from cellulose nanocrystals works better than Styrofoam for insulation.

Scientists have discovered a new layered ferromagnetic semiconductor, a material that could find use in next-generation electronic technologies.

The European Industrial Help Association (EIHA) says that its next Hemp Conference will take place from 5–6 June 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

Researchers at nova-Institute have updated a study about the sustainability of different natural fibers.

The MPIF’s Industry Development Board (IDB) has released a new video showing the success of powder metallurgy (PM) in the automotive industry.

The four-month accelerator, offering $50,000 in funding, is now accepting applications - apply before 30th May

Studying mayonnaise when it spins can help characterize the interface between an elastic-plastic material and a light material under acceleration.

Researchers are replacing trial and error with computational methods to more readily reveal promising new compositions

A glue extracted from mussels and bio-active peptide molecules can help repair damaged nerves

Chemicals company Royal DSM has partnered with two companies to help develop its 3D printing capabilities.

The MPIF reports that Harry D Ambs passed away in March 2019.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory plans to develop large-scale, robotic additive manufacturing (AM) technology for a range of new materials.

A novel nano-container can take up hydrophobic compounds of various sizes and shapes in water and then release them in response to light.

DuPont has received Taiwan’s inaugural National Green Chemistry Award.

Molding and 3D printing specialist Arburg has appointed Frédéric Vandecandelaere as the new head of its French subsidiary.

Scientists have used extremely high pressures and temperatures to dope nanodiamonds with elements such as silicon and argon.

Scientists have developed a next-generation plastic that can be recycled again and again into new materials of any color, shape or form.

Sigma Labs Inc has launched Version 5.0 of its PrintRite3D 3D printing software.

DSM has formed a partnership with additive manufacturing (AM) company Origin to develop new materials for AM and explore new applications.

Now open for Original Research and Review article submission.

By making an ultra-pure version of boron nitride, researchers have been able to provide the first measurements of its predicted high thermal conductivity.

‘Lifelike’ material with artificial metabolism made from DNA

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has developed a 3D printed polymer-based foam structure that can respond to the force of a shock wave.

Royal DSM has reached an agreement with Indian chemicals company SRF Ltd to acquire its engineering plastics business for INR3.2 billion.

Sandvik says that it has partnered with science promotion company Molecular Frontiers to increase young people’s interest in science and technology.

Gold builds impossible biocages

Using supercomputers, researchers are identifying the best combination of cobalt oxides and transition metals for converting heat to electricity.

Kyocera Corporation today announced that it has concluded an agreement to acquire 100% ownership of SouthernCarlson Inc.

3D printing company ExOne and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have joined forces to improve 3D binder jetting additive manufacturing (AM).

Solvay has signed a long-term agreement with Safran for the supply of high temperature composites and adhesives.

3D bioprinting of entangled artificial organs

Hydrogen binds to 2D, all-carbon graphene quicker than predicted

A biodegradable implant encourages the natural repair of broken bones using heat

Calling Early Career Researchers attending ChinaNANO.

Lanxess plans to work with Citrine Informatics, a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) company, to develop new materials more efficiently.

GKN Powder Metallurgy has opened a new headquarters and additive manufacturing (AM) center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA.

Freeman Technology plans to host a webinar entitled ‘Working with powders: how comprehensive characterisation can optimise your process’.

Composites One has opened registration for a workshop presented by the company and the Closed Mold Alliance, in partnership with IACMI.

Inspired by the skin of cephalopods such as squid, engineers have developed a new composite material that can trap or release heat as desired.

A new algorithm that can accurately predict the mechanical behavior of glass at different temperatures could aid the discovery of new materials.

Researchers have developed a new protective layer for carbon nanotubes that can protect them from environmental contamination.

3D printing company EOS plans to run a webinar covering additive manufacturing (AM) in the automotive industry.

Sandvik says that its board of directors has decided to initiate an internal separation of its Materials Technology business area.

Chemicals company BASF has reported a 3% increase in sales to €16.2 billion for Q1 2019.

By finding a way to untangle polymer chains, researchers have managed to produce thin polymer films that can conduct heat.

Researchers have shown that water in pores can slow the motion of charges in organic semiconductors and found a way to prevent this happening.

Kordsa, a specialist in construction reinforcement and composite technologies, says that it participated in the Ceramics Expo 2019.

TxV Aero Composites has received AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 certification for a thermoplastic composite part manufacturing facility.

The NCDMM has given its Lawrence J Rhoades Award to Mark F Huston, previously vice president at Kennametal.

A new study proposes that single photons can interact with each other on graphene surfaces, suggesting new designs for optical quantum computers.

Canadian researchers say that their device could find multiple uses in snowy environments

Polymer foam offers potential route to practical solar desalination

Porcher Industries plans to showcase a range of its products at Techtextil 2019, taking place from 14 to 17 May in Frankfurt, Germany.

America Makes says that it has entered into memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with two media organizations.

Novel spray-on polymer coatings cause ice to fall away from large surfaces with just the force of a light breeze, or often the weight of the ice itself.

Researchers have calculated that applying an oscillating voltage should cause the electrons in graphene to flow like a liquid.

Retsch has developed a ball mill with a frequency of 35 Hz which produces enough energy for wet grinding of samples down to the nanometer range.

The EPMA says that it has published its third Supreme project newsletter.

3D printing company FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has installed a hot isostatic press (HIP) with uniform rapid quenching (URQ).

The deadline for advance rates for the AMPM2019 show is 10 May 2019, the MPIF reports.

Solvay has revealed the winners of its AM Cup 2019.

Chemicals company BASF plans to showcase a range of its materials for textile applications at Techtextil 2019.

In Cooper pair insulators, pairs of electrons are held in check by repulsive interactions between them, not by any disorder in the atomic lattice.

Liquid-impregnated surfaces that comprise a specially textured surface and a liquid lubricant can help thicker materials to slide without sticking.

3D printing company Sigma Labs says that its CTO Darren Beckett recently presented on in-process quality control in metal additive manufacturing (AM).

The EPMA says that some spaces are still available for the Young Engineers Day 2019.

US investment firm One Rock Capital Partners says that one of its affiliates has completed its acquisition of Process Solutions from Newell Brands.

Johns Manville has developed 800 Series Spin-Glas Ultra, a glass fiber insulation board with a polypropylene (PP) coated (poly-top) facing.

Aerospace composites company Spirit AeroSystems has reported Q1 revenues of US$2.0 billion, up 13% from the same period of last year.

Composites specialist Johns Manville (JM) has appointed John Vasuta as the new president of the company’s Engineered Products business.

The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has appointed Dr Dean L Bartles as its next president and CEO.

Union Process has built a QL100 circulation Attritor (grinder) for a large automotive accessories supplier.

one-pot synthesis produces Au nanoparticles with porous shells of tiny CeO2 nanoparticles of varying thickness for catalysis and plasmonics

Genomics and protein properties of bagworm silk for biomimetics

Rory Montgomery has won the Copper Club Award of the ASTM International committee on copper and copper alloys.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) has reportedly appointed Dr Susanne Bieller as new General Secretary.

Repeatedly stretching hydrogels in a water bath aligns their nanofibers, producing a strong, soft and hydrated material that resists breakdown or fatigue.

Bioglass nanoparticles containing strontium ions stimulate human-derived stem cells to differentiate into bone-forming cells

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