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Materials news, October 2015

An innovative redox-flow battery utilizes a liquid electrolyte made from organic polymers and water.

A new technique called cyclic healing uses repetitive, gentle stretching to eliminate pre-existing defects in nanoscale metal crystals.

GF Machining Solutions and EOS have developed the the AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling additive manufacturing system.

TMR, a market intelligence company based in the USA, reports that the global drill bits market could grow at a CAGR of 4.9% between 2013 and 2019.

Exel Composites has released its interim report for 1 January –30 September 2015.

A simple solvent can replace the annealing step currently used in the production of bulk heterojunction solar cells.

Polymeric capsules that can be triggered by an ultrasonic signal could release a cargo of drugs at specific times or in sequence

Bodycote is expanding its high pressure hot isostatic pressing (HIP) capability.

AIMS plans to exhibit its range of PM products at this year’s Advanced Engineering UK show.

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd says that its graphite powder has been deemed suitable for a range of applications by Ben-Gurion University (BGU), Israel.

ITRI has announced the provisional program for its 2016 International Tin Conference.

Scientists have discovered why silver electrodes in perovskite solar cells are prone to corrosion.

A new patterning process can fabricate electrically-conductive features as small as 4nm onto individual graphene oxide sheets.

Evonik has invested in Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG), a Dutch company which makes composite pipes for oil and gas applications.

North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) will be showcasing its prepreg and automation products at the Composites Engineering Show.

RWTH Aachen University and 3T TextilTechnologieTransfer Gmbh have signed an agreement to create a research and development center in Istanbul, Turkey.

Wallwork Group says that its Nadcap approval has now been extended.

Umicore reports that revenues were up 10% compared to the third quarter last year.

Scientists have found a way to manipulate tiny magnetic vortices known as skyrmions using mechanical energy.

A new anti-fouling coating for steel can make it stronger, safer and more durable.

ASM International (ASM) has announced the election of Jon D Tirpak, as ASM’s 2015-2016 board of trustees president.

Coast Composites LLC has been awarded a contract from Boeing to make what it says is the largest ever wing skin molds.

The value of the global 3D printing powder market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24.4% from 2015 to 2020, according to a new report.

A novel dielectric film has a similar refractive index to air but is strong enough to be incorporated into electronic and photonic devices.

Circular nanohoops containing both carbon and nitrogen atoms represent a new class of organic semiconductor.

Kaman Corporation has acquired Timken Alcor Aerospace Technologies Inc based in Mesa, Arizona.

simple surface treatment for metallic biomedical implants could deter the bacteria that cause infections and complications after surgery

Dispersing individual platinum atoms on a copper surface can produce a highly effective hydrogenation catalyst.

Arcam has made a major expansion of its production facility for EBM systems in Mölndal, Sweden.

TenCate has reported sales of €297 million for the third quarter of 2015, compared to €277 million in Q3 2014.

Scientists have experimentally confirmed that black phosphorous nanoribbons have a strong in-plane anisotropy in thermal conductivity.

A new tri-lab consortium in the US will aim to design new solid-state materials for storing hydrogen gas.

Arcam reports that net sales in the first nine months of 2015 increased increased by 98 % to SEK400.1 million.

Ceralink Inc has completed a major expansion in its Materials Testing Center located in eastern Ohio, USA.

Gurit says that it had net sales of CHF 269.2 million for the first nine months of 2015, an increase of 7.4%.

Using a new concept for designing catalysts, scientists have developed a more effective platinum-based catalyst for fuel cells.

Plastic-digesting enzymes found in mealworm gut

A new initiative is looking to develop entropy-stabilized alloys able to withstand extremely high temperatures.

SKF has reported net sales of SEK57 782 million for the year to date 2015, compared with SEK52 476 million in the same period of 2014.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has named the recipients of its 2015-16 scholarships in the US.

Composites One and IACMI are to run four courses in 2016 focused on advanced process and materials.

Bimetallic catalysts don't always need a core-shell structure but can be produced by covering the core in distinct patches of metal.

improving the stability of quantum dots by chemically altering their surface in an environmentally benign way

Arcam has appointed Bruce Bradshaw as chief marketing officer (CMO) to lead a new central marketing function in the Arcam Group.

Intertec has launched a cooler with a corrosion-resistant glass reinforced polyester (GRP) housing.

A new edition of ASM Handbook, Volume 7: Powder Metallurgy has been released by the MPIF.

Scientists have created a novel, environmentally-friendly flame retardant derived from the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Scientists have uncovered a design rule that allows the creation of peptide-like nanosheets that are larger and flatter than any biological structure.

Magma Structures says that it has delivered three of the world’s tallest carbon composite free-standing masts.

Solvay Specialty Polymers has expanded its Amodel AE-8900 GRFP series of products.

Missouri University of Science and Technology scientists are developing AM technology which could create improved metals.

The UK automotive industry could break manufacturing records by the end of the decade, according to the SMMT.

The organizers of Ceramitec 2015 have released some information about the trade show.

Porcher Industries is working with Airbus Helicopters to design a CFRP rotor for the H160 helicopter.

improving solar cells performance by cooling in sunlight

4D printing technology that creates complex self-folding structures

A newly-developed fabrication method can produce large perovskite solar cells with a 15% energy conversion efficiency.

AIC Group has won a contract to manufacture a hot drape former for a major European aerospace company.

The EPMA has created a brochure intended to be an introduction to additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

Alphaform has 3D printed a titanium alloy hip implant using an EOSINT M 280 machine.

Scientists have discovered that the electronic properties of organic semiconductors differ where they interface with other materials.

Symmetry-breaking superconductors

ARC Group Worldwide reports that sales for the year were US$112.5 million, reflecting 35.7% growth over fiscal year 2014.

Miba AG, a manufacturer of sintered components, reports that its revenue in the first half of 2015–2016 rose by 14% to €375.2 million.

Solvay is to acquire EPIC Polymers’ long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) technology.

GH Craft Ltd has been taking part in the Wind Challenger Project, an industry-university joint research project, since October 2009.

Growing vertical tetraaniline structures on a graphene substrate

Tungsten selenide and sulfide monolayers by modified CVD

Proto Labs Inc is to acquire some assets and operations of laser sintering company Alphaform AG.

Dynacast, a specialist metal injection molding company, is reportedly expanding its UK design and manufacturing facility.

Toray Industries Inc is to acquire 55% of outstanding shares of an Italian prepreg manufacturer.

A novel materials-by-design approach can lead to the development of nanocellulose materials with better mechanical properties.

A unique and novel type of nanoribbon could enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells.

General Carbide has expanded its operations to produce more than 40 standard and custom sizes of WEDM blocks.

Royal Engineered Composites has added ‘time reversal’ technology to its non-destructive inspection capabilities.

Composites UK has launched a new online health and safety management system (HSMS).

Scientists have measured the behavior of individual atoms in dielectric materials when exposed to an electric field.

A new polymeric fuel additive for jet engines can reduce the intensity of post-impact explosions.

A new paper from the inventor of the dye sensitized solar cell suggests that inkjet printing may be the key to improving their performance.

Hexagon Bus Systems has been contracted by MAN Truck & Bus AG to supply compressed natural gas fuel systems.

Materialise has announced the start of metal printing activities in its German office in Bremen.

French company Z3Dlab has created ZTi-Powder, a new metal composite material containing titanium and zirconia.

A speedy way to produce graphene aerogels for use in energy applications, catalysis and environmental clean-up could be one step closer....

problem dendrites in batteries dealt with by heat

PPG Industries has completed a US$27 million expansion of its San Juan del Rio coatings manufacturing facility.

Valence Surface Technologies now offers titanium and hardmetal processing at its 10 facilities located in the United States.

Polynt Composites has developed the latest product in its range of Gravicol Bonding Pastes for composite bonding.

Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH has developed an automatic strand conveyance system (ASC).

Optical invisibility cloaks could increase the efficiency of solar cells by guiding sunlight around objects that cast a shadow on the cells.

A new electrode material could allow micro-supercapacitors to match the energy-storage ability of batteries.

Two Fraunhofer institutes have opened the new Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing (ACAM) in Aachen, Germany.

Renishaw has announced plans to open a global network of customer centers for metal 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM).

The organisers of the 11th edition of the Wood Plastics Composites conference have released information about the event program.

Scientists have created the first entropy-stabilized alloy that incorporates oxides.

A new type of anode made from mushrooms could lead to lithium-ion batteries that increase capacity with repeated charging.

3D printing specialist LPW has formed a partnership with Riverside College, based in Widnes, UK, to provide training in additive manufacturing (AM).

Ascent Aerospace has added 42,000 ft2 of office and manufacturing space to its Michigan, USA, plant.

Scientists have developed artificial microflowers that self-assemble in water and mimic the natural blooming process.

A new self-assembly method for proteins and peptides can create complex scaffolds for tissue growth.

CalRAM has ordered two electron beam melting (EBM) systems from AM specialist Arcam.

Pete Raby has been announced the new CEO at global materials technology specialist Morgan Advanced Materials.

TFP has opened a third nonwoven manufacturing line, doubling production capacity.

Materials Today now invites researchers to propose projects that fit within the scope of the Grand Challenge.

Atomically thin sheets of hybrid perovskites represent the first 2D semiconductors made from ionic materials.

A magnetoelastic alloy consisting of iron doped with the metal gallium could form the basis for wireless impact detectors.

Registration for the 2016 AMUG Conference are now open.

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