Virtual Special Issue 'Chemistry Colors our World'

National Chemistry Week celebrates the impact chemistry has on the world – this year it shines a light on the way chemistry contributes through color.

With 98 materials science journals, Elsevier publishes some of the world’s top color-related research, strengthening the impact researchers can have in the real world.

To mark National Chemistry Week, we are providing free access to ten materials science articles published in 2015 that brighten up the world.

Read these articles for free until 16 January 2016:

Design of a cool color glaze for solar reflective tile application
Ceramics International
Volume 41, Issue 9, Part A, November 2015, Pages 11106–11116

Atmospheric corrosion of fire-gilded bronze: corrosion and corrosion protection during accelerated ageing tests
Corrosion Science
Available online 7 August 2015

The effect of phosphorus and nitrogen co-doped on the synthesis of diamond at high pressure and high temperature
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials
Volume 54, January 2016, Pages 309–314

Preparation and characterization of wood–plastic composite reinforced by graphitic carbon nitride
Materials & Design
Volume 66, Part A, 5 February 2015, Pages 103–109

Tuning the diurnal natural daylight with phosphor converted white LED – Advent of new phosphor blend composition
Materials Science and Engineering: B
Volume 193, March 2015, Pages 4–12

Hyperbranched Polyester Copolymers for Thermal Printing Papers: the Effects of Alkyl Chain Units in the Polymer Backbone on Developing Capability
Available online 9 October 2015

“Green ink in all colors”—Printing ink from renewable resources
Progress in Organic Coatings
Volume 78, January 2015, Pages 287–292

Effects of cross-linking in nanostructure and physicochemical properties of fish gelatins for bio-applications
Reactive and Functional Polymers
Volume 94, September 2015, Pages 55–62

Tailored metal–ceramic nanocomposites prepared by redox cycling of polycrystalline Ni-doped yttria stabilized zirconia
Scripta Materialia
Available online 25 September 2015

Localized surface plasmons enhanced color conversion efficiency in organic light-emitting device with surface color conversion layer
Synthetic Metals
Volume 199, January 2015, Pages 69–73