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Materials news, December 2018

Peptides show 2D materials that are barrier-free

2D materials assemble one row at a time to skip the energy barrier

A new nanocomposite anode material can produce lithium-ion batteries that are more suitable for use in large devices such as electric vehicles.

A novel fuel cell catalyst comprising cobalt-platinum alloy nanoparticles on a composite substrate uses much less platinum than current catalysts.

Umicore says that it will be expanding its production capacity for fuel cell catalysts in South Korea.

Natural spider silk gives up some of its secrets

A new catalyst made of nanometer-thin sheets of metal carbide can generate hydrogen from water just as efficiently as platinum-based catalysts.

Microfluidic foam generation system for enabling customizable and "wet" foams in tiny amounts

Using laser light to trap atoms in a checkerboard-like pattern, scientists have studied how resistance can develop in unconventional metals.

By patterning and then shrinking a polymer scaffold, researchers have come up with a way to fabricate nanoscale, 3D objects of nearly any shape.

Oscillating loads at certain frequencies can lead to several-fold increases in the strength of composites that contain a molecular layer of ‘nanoglue’.

Researchers have modified two enzymes so that they self-assemble to form a stable catalytic biomaterial that can be used in industrial production.

Moth helps develop nano-antibiotics

Granta Design says that it has updated its Granta MI materials information management software to make it easier to incorporate ‘Digital Twin’ strategies.

BMW Group has reportedly chosen SGL Carbon to supply carbon fibers to the BMW iNEXT.

Carbon fiber company Umatex Rosatom, based in Russia, has partnered with an Italian motorcycle racing team.

Nuclear Materials & Energy has been accepted for indexing in Clarivate’s Science Citation Index Expanded.

By studying how peptides assemble, researchers have discovered that some materials can avoid the nucleation barrier by growing one row at a time.

Scientists have demonstrated electronic switching in an ultrathin topological material that can carry a charge with nearly zero loss at room temperature.

Due to popular demand, Nano Today is extending the deadline of its annual cover competition.

Conventional computers could be replaced by massively parallel, low energy, more intelligent brain-like processors using artificial synaptic devices

America Makes has appointed GE Global Research to lead a project focusing on scaling up additive manufacturing (AM).

Using oxygen doping, scientists have uncovered previously inaccessible details of the phase diagram of a high-temperature superconductor.

Krüss Scientific Instruments Inc has supplied its technology to Western Washington University.

Kordsa has developed a new fast press curable resin called CM14, which it says can help eliminate waterspot and whitespot problems.

Scientists have developed a blend of two polymers, one conducting and one insulating, that can conduct electricity at temperatures up to 220°C.

Engineers have developed a method for making atom-flat sensors from 2D materials and then transferring them to curved surfaces.

Umicore announced today that Pascal Reymondet, executive vice president Catalysis, will retire as planned on 31 January 2019.

Five companies have completed a project focused on how to integrate additive manufacturing processes in automobile series production.

A novel x-ray technique can image antiphase magnetic domains in antiferromagnets, which could advance their use in spintronics applications.

Using an x-ray visualization technique called COBRA, scientists have imaged the 3D atomic and electron density structure of a perovskite crystal.

Congratulations to Prof M Stanley Whittingham.

Mitsubishi Corporation has entered into an agreement to acquire 25% of shares in ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd (ECF).

TRB Lightweight Structures Ltd says that it has recently gained DIN 6701 type certification.

Additive Industries has hired Mike Goh to manage the 3D printing systems manufacturer’s expansion in the Asia Pacific region.

Inspired by animal chirps, engineers have devised a faster and more accurate rheological technique for measuring the properties of soft materials.

Magnetic frustration, kagome magnet

An engineer at Plansee Tungsten Alloys has reportedly received the award for best Master’s Thesis covering metallurgy.

BASF and 3D printing company Materialise are investing in Essentium Inc, a Texas-based developer of materials for additive manufacturing (AM).

UK decking company Composite Prime has been awarded membership of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

By adding sodium to a lead-free all-inorganic perovskite, physicists have produced a single material that can produce white light.

2D peptide materials, row by row

Sigma Labs and the Fraunhofer Research Institution have agreed to jointly research additive manufacturing.

Scientists have used magnetic fields to create liquid crystal elastomers that can move in any direction in response to multiple types of stimuli.

Scientists have developed a liquid crystal elastomer with auxetic properties, meaning it gets thicker when stretched.

Victrex is marking 40 years since British company ICI, a forerunner of Victrex, discovered the material in 1978.

Sicomin has been awarded the Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress Certification for the company’s GreenPoxy products range.

Thai composites company Cobra International plans to present its increased capabilities for large components at JEC World 2019.

Solvay has named Foster Corporation as its North American distributor of PEEK and PAEK polymers.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has launched the MPIF Digital Library.

Atlas Pressed Metals says that it has made a number of new appointments.

Additive manufacturing (AM) company Renishaw has supplied Sandvik Additive Manufacturing with its multi-laser RenAM 500Q systems.

Chomarat has reportedly earned environmental management (ISO 14001) and energy management (ISO 50001) certification for its French sites.

Australia’s first two F-35 fifth-generation fighter aircraft have been sent to RAAF Base Williamtown.

Echolocation for soft materials

Physicists have synthesized borophene with large-area single-crystal domains on copper substrates, making it suitable for electronic applications.

3D printing company Renishaw says that it received the Manufacturing in Action prize at The Manufacturer MX Awards.

Linde’s board of directors has authorized a share repurchase program for up to US$1 billion of its ordinary shares.

Circularly polarized light delivered at a particular angle to C-shaped gold nanoparticles produced a plasmonic response unlike any discovered before.

Multiferroics and topological materials have produced a new energy-efficient transistor called a magneto-electric spin-orbit (MESO) device.

GKN Aerospace has set out plans to establish a new global technology center in the UK.

The supervisory board of Linde AG has appointed Dr Sven Schneider, previously CFO of the company, as spokesman of the company's executive board.

Master Bond says developed a new single component epoxy which it says is suitable for glob top, chip coating and bonding applications.

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers says that it has won two awards at the R&D 100 Awards.

Scientists have discovered that silicon contamination is the reason why graphene often doesn't perform as well as predicted.

Researchers have accomplished the first detailed high-speed imaging and analysis of the process that occurs when a microparticle impacts a surface.

bridging the gaps between aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes with metal atoms boosts electrical conductivity in a new direction

Plansee Group says that it has participated in the funding round of the Speedinvest Industry fund and become one of its core investors.

Metallurgy company AMG reports that its revenue increased by 27% to US$328.1 million in the Q3 2018 from US$258.9 million in Q3 2017.

Nanoantibiotics could provide new ways of treating drug-resistant 'superbugs' and reducing the amounts of traditional antibiotics used

An easily produced flexible strain-sensing material could promote advances in wearable motion-sensing devices

Hexcel Corporation says that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ARC Technologies Inc.

Composites One has reportedly received a number of international aerospace certifications based on the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Plansee's investments were reportedly at record levels in 2018.

PRF Composite Materials, which supplies material for the composite industry, has opened a new factory and now operates over three sites.

Metallurgy company AMG has signed of a memorandum of understanding to sell of lithium chemicals to a South Korean company.

Sandvik Machining Solutions says that it is considering the possible closure of its manufacturing facility in Fondettes, France.

Hexagon Composites says that its acquisition of Digital Wave Corporation was completed on 30 November.

A novel thin-film material can rapidly transition from an electricity-transmitting metal to an insulator without changing its atomic structure.

making tiny, nanoscale holes into graphene sheets and removing them again could hold the key to manufacturing high-quality structures

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