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Materials news, September 2018

Researchers have trained an artificial neural network to predict stable materials in two classes of crystals known as garnets and perovskites.

Microscopy technique reveals internal structure of reverse osmosis membrane

A novel electron microscopy technique has probed the internal structure of a polyamide membrane used for reverse osmosis at nanoscale resolution.

Molding company Arburg says that its Italian subsidiary has celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Royal DSM has developed a new carbon fiber filled grade PA6/66 filament for 3D printing.

Solvay has opened a new facility for making aerospace structural adhesives and surfacing films in Wrexham, United Kingdom.

Polystyrene thin films are twice as good as absorbing impact energy as other leading materials such as graphene.

Rechargeable vanadium-hydrogen (V-H2) flow battery could be simplest option for renewable energy storage.

Standards developer ASTM International has announced its first round of funding for research into additive manufacturing (AM) standards.

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Atomising Systems Ltd and Perdac (now part of CPFResearch Ltd) have announced the dates for the 2019 short course on metal powder atomization.

3D printing specialist Additive Industries has announced a partnership with Laser Lines Ltd.

Chemicals company Lanxess says that it plans to focus on developing composites for electric vehicles.

Modeling self organization in magnetic materials.

Replacing metallic nanoantennas with silicon ones for perovskites in solar cells.

Materials software company Granta Design plans to run a series of web seminars related to materials information over the next few months.

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance plan to live demo closed molding during CAMX 2018.

A thermoplastic composites lab has been opened in Holland.

Linde AG reports that it has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Assembly of cell-laden microgels for cartilage tissue engineering.

X-ray studies have revealed that the pathways lithium ions take through a common battery material are more complex than previously thought.

Tetrahedron nanostructures composed of certain metals can have a higher degree of symmetry than the geometrical symmetry of spherical atoms.

Chemicals company Sabic says that it plans to establish parts of its specialties business as a stand-alone business.

Composites UK has revealed its shortlist for the 2018 composites industry awards, which will be presented at on 31 October in Birmingham, UK.

3D printing powder supplier LPW has published a case study covering the reduced cost of reusing metal powder in additive manufacturing (AM).

The US 3D printing market is anticipated to grow a CAGR of over 8.5% from 2017–2024, according to a new report from market analysts ResearchNester.

inexpensive catalyst for water splitting could support a future hydrogen economy by enabling hydrogen to be produced readily and inexpensively

Boride nanowires deposited on carbon fiber cloth could form the basis of high capacity, stable supercapacitors for energy storage devices.

Paradoxical symmetry in metallic nano-alloys.

SGL Carbon and Fraunhofer IGCV have opened a new facility focused on fiber placement in Meitingen, Germany.

Metalysis, a UK powder production company, has opened its first commercial plant in Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, U.K.

Scientists have developed a novel 3D printing process for creating hydrogels with complex 3D shapes and motions.

Nanowires made of germanium and silicon allow individual electrons to be captured by a ‘quantum dot’ on which superconductivity can take place.

Lipo-hydrogel drug carrier for bone regeneration.

PostProcess Technologies has delivered improved surface finish standards and replicable results to a complex metal parts.

Andercol has reported a 5% increase in its unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats for all products shipped on or after 15 September 2018.

According to a new survey, 80% pf UK small to medium enterprises (SMEs) feel that that plastic waste is a problem.

Ceramics specialist Kyocera has introduced a new milling cutter for aluminum machining.

N-doped titania photocatalysts on oxidised carbon nanotube support show different properties and performance depending on the synthesis route that is used.

New approach uses hydrogen to overcome hydrogen-embrittlement problem in alloys for applications in extreme conditions.

The University of Exeter, UK and Victrex, which specialises in PAEK polymers, have joined forces to improve additive manufacturing (AM) using PAEK.

German engineering consultants AZL has been looking into how thermoplastic tapes can be used more in the production of injection molded parts.

Sandwiching 2D materials between 3D silicon bases and an ultrathin layer of aluminum oxide can reduce the risk of overheating in nanoelectronics.

A new technique can create an individual fingerprint of the current-carrying edge states occurring in topological insulators or 2D materials.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is using Optomec's Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere System to develop dissolvable magnesium components.

The MPIF has issued a call for papers for POWDERMET2019 and AMPM2019.

The MPIF has released the 2018 edition of its Standard 35, covering materials standards for metal injection molded parts.

TWI Ltd and Dassault Systèmes has been awarded first prize in the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Challenge organised by NIST.

Manufacturer Trenwa in 2014 has sold well over a hundred of its precast trench systems.

Cobra International Co Ltd, a Thai manufacturer of composite water sports products, is celebrating its 40th year of business.

Solvay has signed a 10-year supply agreement with Bell for the supply of composites and adhesives.

Kordsa says that it has supplied composite material to the Yıldız Technical University racing team.

Adding a single layer of graphene on top of metal leaves being used for a coating process known as gilding doubles the protective quality.

Stress-corrosion cracking can occur when a metal is exposed to tensile stress and corrosion separately, as well as simultaneously.

Scientists have synthesized a novel organic/inorganic hybrid 2D material with promising electrical and magnetic properties.

A novel process for producing high-performance polymer gels combines spontaneous synthesis with fine control over molecular weight.

A novel, nature-inspired, microtextured surface can help to decrease frictional drag at the interface between liquids and solids.

The efficiency of perovskite solar cells can be improved by adding silicon nanoparticles with better light absorption properties.

The second International ThermProcess Summit (ITPS) recently took place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from 30 July–1 August.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) plans to host a forum covering custom coatings as part of the PCI Powder Coating 2019 Technical Conference.

British-built engines had a 13% July growth in exports in July, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT).

Oberg Industries and the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering has agreed to extend its AM research partnership.

The Composites Alliance and University of Rhode Island academics have completed an economic impact study on the composites sector in Rhode Island, USA.

Solvay has received a supplier excellence award from unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

Composites UK has put together a new report covering how to best dispose of or recycle of waste fiber reinforced polymer material (FRP) in the UK.

Researchers have developed a new method for 'printing' large-scale sheets of the 2D piezoelectric material gallium phosphate.

As much as 100 times more heat than predicted by standard radiation theory can flow between the edges of two very thin semiconductor plates.

Novel composite membrane floats on top of the surface of water, absorbs sunlight, and produces vapor for clean water or to produce electricity.

The IHEA will be holding a seminar covering safety standards and codes from 8-10 October 2018 at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA.

Umicore has appointed An Steegen as its new chief technology officer (CTO) and as a member of its executive committee.

High-entropy alloys made from metals known to form shape-memory alloys can produce shape-memory alloys that work at high temperatures.

Scientists have verified a key prediction from a 55-year-old theory about how electrons move through one-dimensional nanotubes and nanowires.

Conductive, ecoresorbable inks used in 3D printing to form circuits, inductive antennas, sensors and implantable electronic medical devices.

The Ceratizit Group will be showing its products at AMB 2018.

Höganäs has commented on its acquisition of H.C. Starck Group’s surface technology and ceramic powder division (STC), which it acquired in March 2018.

SGL Carbon and an unnamed US aerospace company have expanded their business for the thrust reverser engine cowling blankets, SGL says.

Kordsa says that it has been ranked 18 in a list of 150 Brazilian employers by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW).

Precision-synthsized porous graphene is transformed into a semiconductor and the most efficient filter.

Network of isolated, individual carbon nanotubes could be ideal transparent conductive films for touch screens, smart windows, and photovoltaic cells.

Composites UK says that the fifth edition of Thermoplastic Composites will take place on Thursday 4 October in London, UK.

Senvol has begun a project entitled ‘Continuous Learning for Additive Manufacturing Processes Through Advanced Data Analytics.’

America Makes says that its annual Members Meeting & Exchange (MMX) will take place from 29 October-1 November at Youngstown, Ohio.

Nanoscale diamond needles can bend and deform reversibly, like bristles on a brush, before breaking.

New strategies could translate exceptional attributes of nanoscale fibers like carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibrils into macroscale materials.

Prepreg specialist NTPT has opened a new cleanroom production area at its headquarters in Renens, Switzerland.

Reinforcement technology specialist leader Kordsa has acquired Fabric Development Inc (FDI) and Textile Products Inc (TPI).

America Makes' executive director, Rob Gorham, has been awarded a Business Advocate of the Year Award for the local region.

Sandvik has completed the previously announced divestment of its stainless wire business to German metal forming company Zapp Group.

Universal adhesive made up of equal amounts of liquid and solid polymers works in both air and underwater.

Iron-based metal-organic framework (MOF) has microwave-absorbing properties.

Market report company Roskill has launched a new tantalum conference taking place from 25-26 September in London, UK.

Hi-line Industries has been working to produce a best practice guide for the filtration and drying of compressed air.

Composites UK says that its members have supported its recently launched 2018 – 2021 Safety in Manufacturing Plastics and Composites strategy (SIMPLC).

Quickstep Holdings Limited has announced total sales of AUS$59.0 million for 2018, up 13.7%.

Finding new electrode materials for next-generation batteries is essential for energy research.

The CCAI says that it will be again running its finishing pavilion and education program at metal forming event Fabtech 2018.

PMTi2019: Powder Metallurgy (PM) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Titanium is coming to the United States.

Following the success of its Functional Materials seminar, EPMA says that is looking for member support for the same event in 2019.

Slovakian PM company Gevorkyan has launched a new hardening operation.

Composites specialist Gurit has become an official supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand’s 36th America’s Cup defence campaign.

The Thai Composites Association (TCA) say that itsrecent event welcomed 181 delegates from 21 countries.

Scientists have induced a two-dimensional material to cannibalize itself for atomic ‘building blocks’ that go on to form stable structures.

Using computational simulations, scientists have discovered the process by which an iron-based superconductor collapses under pressure.

A new boron nitride lift-off technique could be used to produce tandem solar cells that combine indium gallium nitride and silicon.

Scientists have developed a new electron microscopy method that allows them to observe the crystallization process for 2D materials.

Sigma Engineering GmbH says that it plans to exhibit a range of its products at Fakuma 2018, taking place from 16-18 October in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

BASF says that it has strengthened its collaboration with distributor Gustav Grolman GmbH.

The NCDMM says that its board director Dr Dean Bartles has been appointed the next president of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).

Material handling equipment manufacturer Liftomatic has introduced a new four-wheel hand truck.

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