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Materials news, March 2017

Software developer GoEngineer and Concept Laser have entered into an agreement to increase their presence in the AM market.

A new imaging technique can visualize the evolution of micro- and nanoscale structures on a material's surface after irradiation with a laser beam.

UK-based Pentaxia has secured a supply deal to provide components for military aircraft ejection seats.

The University of Bristol in the UK has opened seven new research institutes including one covering composites education and research.

Single-atom memory maintains Moore's Law.

Waterproof breathable textiles market set for massive growth.

Korean researchers have developed an implantable supercapacitor that could be used to power future medical devices.

Jim Wright, vice president of a company that designs and manufactures carbon fiber composite firearms, has been named to the NIST MEP.

Diamond Fiberglass has closed its asset acquisition of Fibrex Corporation, a composite chemical pipe, header systems and duct manufacturer.

Renishaw’s RenAM 500M system has been installed at the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) in Seville, Spain.

To celebrate the latest CiteScoreTracker value of 5.57, the Editor-in-Chief highlights three key articles.

Mitsubishi Rayon’s carbon fiber sheet molding compound (SMC) has been adopted for the rear door frame of the new Prius PHV.

Huntsman Advanced Materials has conducted a survey covering the use of composites in the automotive industry.

Additive manufacturing (AM) specialist FIT AG and Caterpillar Inc have entered into a strategic alliance agreement.

Divergent 3D has entered into a strategic development partnership with SLM Solutions Group.

Additive allows immiscible polymers to be bonded in recycling scheme.

A new a double perovskite nanofiber can be used as a highly efficient catalyst for oxygen evolution reactions in energy storage systems.

Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace company, has installed a continuous belt furnace at the Air Liquide Shanghai Research & Technology Center in China.

AM Ventures (AMV) and Exmet AB have entered into an agreement to develop technology for the additive manufacturing (AM) of amorphous metals.

Diehl Aircabin has signed a long-term agreement with Diab for the supply of structural foam core materials for cabin interiors.

Sigmatex has announced a new supplier agreement with Embraer, reportedly one of the largest aerospace companies in the world.

Kennametal has been recognized as one of 2017’s World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute.

Linde reports group revenue of €16.948 billion, up 0.2% after adjusting for exchange rate effects.

The Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) and ELG Carbon Fiber Ltd (ELG) have signed a s (MOU) to collaborate on carbon fiber recycling.

Scientists have found a way to use a technique called magnetron-sputtering inert-gas condensation to create uniform iron nanocubes.

Understanding how sodium–metal sulfide batteries work.

Water-based, biocompatible ink formulations of two-dimensional materials including graphene, MoS2, WS2, and hexagonal boron nitride.

Transistors based on single semiconducting carbon nanotubes are pushing device performance to the ultimate physical limits.

Strong earthquakes occur independently of each other, while minor shocks cluster together.

Lucideon, a materials technology company, is hosting a new webinar entitled ‘Validation of Additive Manufactured Components through Specialized Testing’.

Ford Motor Company is looking into how to 3D print large-scale one-piece auto parts, such spoilers, for prototyping and future production vehicles.

Nanostructured scaffold material impregnated with immunosuppressive drugs encourages nerve regrowth in implanted replacement teeth.

Umicore has acquired South Korean automotive catalyst joint venture, Ordeg Co Ltd for €82 million (KRW 100 billion).

Hi-line Industries reports that its customer prices will remain the same for the seventh consecutive year.

xperion Energy & Environment has received an order for hydrogen high-pressure cylinders from Air Products GmbH in Germany.

TeXtreme composite material has reportedly been certified for use in commercial aero applications and qualified by an aircraft manufacturer.

Automotive giant Volvo reports that it is adopting high performance, lightweight composite transverse leaf springs for more models.

Perovskite materials have optoelectronic properties promising for cheap, easy to make LEDs.

Metals with a gradient in grain size show increased overall strength while allowing ductile behavior to take place to avoid catastrophic failure.

3D printing with cellulose made easier and cheaper.

LPW Technology Ltd has released its most recent case study, ‘Vacuum versus non-vacuum melted gas atomised powders’.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has launched the first video in a series focused on powder metallurgy (PM).

TxV Aero Composites has used Fiberforge tape laying system to deliver polyaryletherketone (PAEK) composites.

Fibermaq, a Brazilian supplier of composite molding equipment, says that it expects a 30% surge in revenue this year, returning to 2015 levels.

Samuel Son & Co Limited has signalled its move into additive manufacturing (AM) with the acquisition of Burloak Technologies.

NetComposites has launched a series of training videos which offer a range of modules covering composite materials.

Turkish fabric manufacturer Metyx Composites has appointing GRP Solutions Ltd as its exclusive distributor for Great Britain.

Scientists have discovered that "layer-edge-states" are responsible for the high efficiencies seen with 2D layered hybrid perovskites.

Researchers have found a way to greatly reduce the effects of fatigue in steel by incorporating a laminated nanostructure.

Lanxess will be investing around €100 million to expand its production facilities for chemical intermediates.

Haydale has developed carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials featuring graphene powder with improved resistance to lightning-strike damage.

APMI International plans to run a course covering automation in the PM industry on 13 April 2017, in St Marys, PA, USA.

Molybdenum mining company General Moly entered 2017 with a cash balance of approximately US$8.5 million at year-end 2016.

Solar-powered carbon dioxide reduction.

Sustainable water splitting without peroxide.

AM specialist Arcam says that it has been working with Lima, an Italian provider of orthopaedic parts, for 10 years.

Composites UK has launched a series of regional SME roadshow events for 2017 in partnership with the National Composites Centre (NCC).

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have become the first to 3D print aerospace-grade carbon fiber composites.

Cabot Corporation says that it will expand its manufacturing capabilities for elastomer composites at its plant in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

Scientists have combined silicon nanosheets with a polymer to produce a composite material that is UV-resistant and easy to process.

A new technique uses a diamond probe to detect and measure materials that give off weak magnetic signals or have no magnetic field at all.

A tidal turbine installed in the North Sea features three rotor blades manufactured in house by A C Marine & Composites.

Sandvik Coromant has signed an agreement to become a premium partner of machine tool manufacturer, DMG MORI.

By combining computational and experimental approaches, scientists have nearly doubled the number of solar fuel materials.

Using several analytical techniques, scientists have studied what happens when sodium ions are inserted into and extracted from an iron sulfide electrode.

A novel 3D printing method can rapidly create and precisely control a material's architecture from the nano- to centimeter-scale.

Business area Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has announced an agreement with IBM.

Diabetes patients could soon benefit from novel blood glucose sensors made by depositing zinc oxide nanostructures on a stainless steel base.

Two US manufacturing institutes have begun an initiative to develop an open-source curriculum covering lightweight additive manufacturing.

Cellulose could offer a renewable, biodegradable alternative to the polymers currently for 3D printing, thanks to a novel 3D printing process.

Space transport to benefit from propulsion systems based on fusion plasma.

Scientists have shown that covering surfaces with nanocones confers anti-fogging properties on them.

Honoring and Promoting a Young researcher active in the fields of Nanofabrication and Nanotechnology for Electronics, MEMS and Life Sciences.

Researchers have found a way to remotely control the order in which a 2D sheet folds itself into a 3D structure using different wavelengths of light.

A portable device for fabricating aligned nanofibers could be used to dress wounds on a battlefield or dress shoppers in customizable fabrics.

GE has announced the appointment of seven new company officers.

GKN has reported a sales increase of 22% in 2016. Profit before tax was up 12% to £678 million, compared to 2015 figures of £603 million.

Evonik Industries and Forward Engineering has established a joint venture (JV) called Vestaro GmbH.

Nanocrystalline doped ceramic oxide with zero-energy grain boundaries is as stable as bulk material.

The TPRC has successfully closed a two-year collaborative project on the overmolding of thermoplastic composites.

America Makes and ANSI have published a standardization roadmap for additive manufacturing.

Composite materials supplier Cristex Composite Materials has introduced a range of glass fiber fabrics from Italian partners G. Angeloni srl.

SKF has made plans to consolidate its organisational structure and group management.

Scientists have shown that DNA can control the assembly of bipyramidal gold nanoparticles into a complex crystal structure known as a clathrate.

Aerosols could hold unique advantages for fabricating CNT layers for thin-film transistors.

The deadline is Monday 13 March 2017.

GE plans to expand the headquarters and employee base of Concept Laser GmbH, and invest in more additive equipment and materials.

The EPMA has launched its 2017 powder metallurgy (PM) thesis competition at both diploma (masters) and doctorate (PhD) levels.

Solvay has announced a supplementary global price increase for its PA6 and PA6.6 based compounds and fibers.

A door for a hydrogen powered car has been build using flax supplied by materials specialist Composites Evolution.

Sandwiching nanoclusters of magnesium oxide between two slices of graphene produces a material with enhanced optoelectronic properties.

Colloidal spheres can self-assemble into diamond and pyrochlore crystal structures that form the basis for photonic crystals.

Global science company DuPont has reported 2016 sales of US$24.6 billion, down 2% compared to the prior year.

Gurit, which makes composites for wind applications, has reported 2016 net sales of CHF 352 million.

Orbital ATK global leader has supplied composite components for the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket.

AM specialist 3D Systems has reported a 2016 revenue decrease of 5% to US$633.0 million compared to U$666.2 million in 2015.

The supervisory board of Linde AG has appointed Dr Sven Schneider as member of the executive board and chief financial officer.

A new bioinspired technique can transform silk protein into complex materials that are easily programmable at the nano-, micro- and macro-scales.

The deadline is Monday 13 March 2017.

A new acoustic metamaterial can bend, shape and focus sound waves as they pass through it, potentially transforming medical imaging and personal audio.

DSM Dyneema, the inventor and manufacturer of Dyneema fiber, has asserted the rights in Israel of one of its key patents.

Learn more about the newest addition to the Materials Today family.

Nano-sized drug depots show a constant rate of release for a model drug over 36 hours.

Materials that mimic the biological and physical properties of heart valve tissue could help repair and regenerate damaged or diseased valves

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd has fluorine functionalized graphene oxide (F-GO) produced from the company’s high-purity Albany graphite.

Automotive company Bodycote reported revenue of £600.6 million, a 5.9% increase from the 2015 revenue of £567.2 million.

AP&C, based in Montreal, Canada, has received a significant order for MIM (metal injection molding) applications.

AM company Concept Laser will be exhibiting its Mlab cusing 200R 3D printing machine at the IDS International Dental Show.

ELG Carbon Fibre is taking part in a project to develop a novel composite bogie frame for use in rail vehicles.

Quickstep Holdings has announced total sales for the six months to 31 December 2016 of AUS$24.6 million.

Porcher Industries says that it will put in place a multi-million Euro growth and restructuring phase in 2017.

A new technique uses the photoelectric effect to measure the electronic structures of stacks of two-dimensional materials.

The micro-looping technique used by brown recluse spiders to produce very strong silk could increase the strength of synthetic materials.

Poliya has announced a price increase for its complete portfolio of composite resins and gelcoats sold in Europe and Middle East.

The MPIF’s industry development board has completed a redesign of the PickPM.com website.

Scientists use graphene to reinvent abandoned heat energy converter technology.

Sintavia has closed a US$15 million round of equity financing from its primary investor, Neff Capital Management LLC.

The first nonreciprocal mechanical metamaterial can easily transfer motion effortlessly in one direction while blocking it in the other.

Conductive graphene foam reinforced by carbon nanotubes can support more than 3000 times its own weight and easily bounce back to its original height.

A new method for healing low-quality diamond nanocrystals under high-temperature conditions could lead to their use in quantum sensing.

A matrix made of gelatin nanofibers on a synthetic polymer microfiber mesh could provide a better way to culture human stem cells.

Two managers at hardmetal specialist Kennametal Inc, have received honors at the Women in Manufacturing STEP Awards.

LPW Technology Ltd has been named in the Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 for the first time.

A new, thermally-conductive rubber material could represent a breakthrough for creating soft, stretchable machines and electronics.

New calculations show that ferroelectric materials could process information with multivalued logic, leading to faster, more efficient computing.

The 2017 EPMA Board & Council Meetings will take place on 30 March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

Sigma Labs, Inc has signed a commercial alliance with Morf3D to help AM in the aerospace and defense sector.

SGL Group plans to renew its funding of the Chair of Carbon Composites (LCC) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which began eight years ago.

Quickstep Holdings has received a grant of AUS$1.45 million for a new project to develop a bespoke lightweight automotive carbon fiber composite seat.

A new family of highly stretchable and UV curable elastomers can be stretched by up to 1100%, making them suitable for 3D printing techniques.

Scientists have managed to reverse a material’s Hall coefficient, by fabricating it as a ring mesh structure at a micrometer scale.

AM and MIM specialist ARC Group Worldwide reports revenue of US$28.2 million for fiscal Q2 2017, an increase of 18.3% on fiscal Q2 2016.

A highly porous ceramic foam ink helps control structure of 3D printed materials.

Perovskite that can harvest different types of energy simultaneously.

Textechno plans to launch its latest equipment at JEC World taking place in Paris in March.

Global chemicals company Ashland announced today it will increase the price of its composite resins and gelcoats in North America.

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