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Materials news, June 2021

Bid to improve end-of-life composites recycling

National Composites Centre (NCC) says that it is researching ways to improve end-of-life composites for use in new industry applications.

The return of the king?

How could 3D printing bounce back post-Covid-19? Senvol is working with the US Armed Forces to develop new aerospace and defense opportunities.

Dr Randall German has been selected to receive the Kempton H Roll Powder Metallurgy (PM) Lifetime Achievement Award by the MPIF.

photonic composite based on biopolymers, silk proteins, and gold nanoparticles twists and bends in response to light

Researchers have developed a sprayable hydrogel that forms a barrier to keep heart tissue from adhering to surrounding tissue after surgery.

Solvay has partnered with Italian urban air mobility (UAM) company Novotech to manufacture part of a prototype hybrid water landing aircraft.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reports that UK factories made 116,639 engines in May, more than double the output of May 2020.

Sandvik has signed an agreement to acquire Tricon Drilling Solutions Pty Ltd, a supplier of rock tools for the mining industry based in Perth, Australia.

groups of enzyme-powered nano-sized robots swarm in biological fluids and inside organisms

A novel graphene-based aerogel with a structure similar to meringue is the lightest sound insulation material ever manufactured.

GKN Aerospace has been selected to manufacture parts for the D328eco, a new aircraft launched by Deutsche Aircraft.

Gurit has amended its financial outlook for 2021 due to temporarily reduced demand for wind blades in China and the accelerating decrease in balsa demand.

Spanish 3D printing company Aenium and Pangea Aerospace have formed an agreement to 3D print propulsion systems for aerospace in Europe.

Additive manufacturing (AM) company Markforged has launched three new machines: the Metal X Gen 2, Next Day Metal, and the X7 Field Edition.

Researchers hope that carbon obtained from coffee grounds could build better and more sustainable batteries

Cardiac disease can cause damage that the body cannot fix. Artificial tissues made with spider silk could be the answer

Research into using structures called dendrimers to deliver photoactive materials into cancer cells could yield new approaches for therapy and diagnosis

2D transition metal carbide nanomaterials known as MXenes show promising antiviral properties against some strains of SARS-CoV-2

Si/GaN could be ideal efficient and durable photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical systems capable of artificial photosynthesis

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute say that they have developed improved methods to test polymeric hard foam components more safely and effectively.

The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) says that registration is open for its 2021 Women in Finishing Forum.

Researchers have improved the energy density of organic-based, solid-state lithium batteries by altering the cathode microstructure with ethanol.

shape-memory actuator based on nanometer-thick platinum films capped with titanium dioxide could enable low-power, electrically programmable microrobots

Researchers from Penn State University are developing ways to improve quality control in additive manufacturing (AM).

Kaman has appointed C Todd Boone as its new vice president and general manager automation.

Japanese carbon fiber specialist Teijin Limited has joined the Aerospace Innovation Centre (AIC).

Reap Bikes, a UK-based manufacturer of carbon fiber bikes, has launched a new vehicle with a full monocoque frame and improved aerodynamics and stiffness.

Researchers have developed a novel transparent polymer coating that can capture virus-laden droplets and aerosols, removing them from the air.

Researchers have developed a novel manufacturing technique for producing flexible transistors from 2D semiconductors.

Researchers can gain more control over the electrical properties of 2D semiconducting materials by stacking them in specific geometries.

Researchers have shown that the atomic-level vibrations of graphene sheets coated in antibodies can be used to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Coating specialist Oerlikon has acquired Coeurdor, which makes components for the luxury goods industry.

The EPMA has released an early version of its technical program for the Euro PM2021 Congress, taking place virtually from 18-22 October 2021.

Cygnet Texkimp has joined the National Composites Centre (NCC) as an SME Affiliate Scheme Member.

Composites UK has appointed the following members as board directors.

Diab has supplied its foam sandwich core to make a pleasure yacht with improved stiffness and reduced weight.

Binder jetting specialist ExOne says that it has delivered more than two million metal parts to customers worldwide.

Markforged, which specialises in metal and carbon fiber additive manufacturing (AM), has nominated Carol Meyers to its board of directors.

Researchers have determined the process by which the 2D material molybdenum disulfide flashes into existence during chemical vapor deposition.

For the first time, researchers have made detailed measurements of how oxygen seeps out of the nanoparticles that make up lithium-ion battery electrodes.

3D printing company Optomec has been awarded US$500,000 to develop ways to repair US Air Force jet engine components using additive manufacturing (AM).

The Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing (SAM) consortium has launched a survey about additive manufacturing (AM) technology in Europe.

A consortium of UK companies has begun a project to develop high pressure hydrogen storage tank aimed for use in HGV, bus and off highway applications.

Airborne has reached an agreement with CompositeTechs to distribute its range in the North America market.

Novel crystalline form of silicon for the next generation of electronic and energy devices

By shining laser light on semiconducting moiré superlattices, researchers have found a new class of electronic excited states called 'moiré trions'.

The MPIF reports that Olivia Schmidt has joined Kymera International as its new chief commercial officer.

PostProcess Technologies, which specialises in post-3D printing, has launched a resin removal machine.

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has published a document discussing the role of plastics in helping lower carbon emissions.

Umicore says that it has invested in Solid Power, a Colorado-based developer of solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

Apply Carbon, a Procotex Corporation company, has expanded its a new carbon fiber facility in Plouay, France.

Researchers have created a sustainable polymer film by assembling plant proteins into materials that mimic spider silk on a molecular level.

New route to creating complex architectures from graphite powder

The organizers of Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition (Asiamold) says that it will take place from 3 – 5 March 2022 in Guangzhou, China.

Global standards organization ASTM International says that it plans to host its October commit-tee week in person.

Magnus Hall, previously CEO of energy companies Vattenfall and Holmen, has been named Höganäs’ new chairman of the board.

Biodegradable battery for the Internet of Things, integrated health monitoring, and environmental or agricultural sensing

Using their 'swarmbot' platform, researchers have shown that a class of composite polymers can be produced by living cells.

Sandvik Coromant has opened three new customer centers in Milan, Italy, Istanbul, Turkey and Renningen, Germany focused on metal cutting tools.

The National Composites Centre (NCC) has become a supporting partner of a number of materials events.

A new survey suggests that manufacturing companies feel an increasing need for more education, skills, and training in 3D printing.

Researchers have developed a novel photopolymerization process for synthesizing two-dimensional polymers.

For the first time, researchers have directly observed the anionic redox reaction in a lithium-rich battery material with high energy density.

Chemical company Lanxess is raising its prices for inorganic pigments globally with immediate effect, subject to existing agreements.

Zoltek, a Toray company, has announced it is expanding its carbon fiber production capacity at the facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The organizers of M&T Expo, say that the next event will take place from 30 August to 2 September 2022, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The EPMA has launched a survey aimed at collecting data on the way PM companies are handling sustainability.

A novel separator based on a metal-organic framework can keep gas-based electrolytes from vaporizing in batteries that work at ultra-low temperatures.

Researchers have shown that covalent organic frameworks can be turned into a porous aerogel that could find use as a custom membrane in batteries.

Diab has agreed to acquire Sabic’s Ultem foam production line and incorporate it into its Divinycell range.

PyroGenesis Canada says that it has shipped its first commercial samples of NexGen plasma atomized titanium powder to the aerospace industry.

Industrial molding company Erofio Group has installed an M Line system from GE Additive at its 6,500m2 mold making facility in Batalha, central Portugal.

Based on their predictions, researchers have developed a bismuth alloy with oddly behaving electrons that manipulate heat in unusual ways.

A new material made from carbon nanotubes and a Teflon-like polymer can generate electricity by scavenging energy from its environment.

GE Additive and the US Air Force have formed a collaboration to develop 3D printed parts for the F110 jet aircraft engine.

Sigmatex, which makes carbon fiber textiles, has received funding from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to grow its business.

Carmelo Lo Faro has been promoted to a new role as president of the Solvay's materials segment, which includes specialty polymers and composite materials.

Airbus says that its Aerospace Integrated Research and Test Centre (AIRTeC) has been officially opened in Bristol, UK.

Scientists struck a crystalline material with ultrafast pulses of laser light and then used X-rays to probe how its magnetic order changes.

high pressure shocks shown to lead to new forms of matter

Wickert Maschinenbau is changing its business from making customized presses to being an all-round provider for composite manufacturing.

Plastics organization AIMPLAS has organized an international workshop covering the trends and opportunities for biocidal agents in the plastics sector.

Umicore has appointed Mathias Miedreich as its new CEO, replacing Marc Grynberg.

PM producer PyroGenesis Canada Inc has made two executive appointments.

By incorporating silicon chips into a polymer, researchers have created the first textile fiber with digital capabilities, able to store and analyze data.

A novel crystalline form of silicon with a hexagonal structure could help to create next-generation electronic and energy devices.

OCSiAl, which makes graphene nanotubes, has appointed Hayim Pinhas AŞ as its new Turkish distributor.

3D Systems has agreed to sell its on-demand custom manufacturing business to Trilantic North America, a private equity firm.

Covestro has received a JEC Composites award in the sustainability category for its development of polyurethane (PU) resins for wind rotor blades.

Researchers have discovered that a layered crystal made of rhenium and silicon can produce a highly efficient transverse thermoelectric generator.

Inspired by the natural adhesives of mussels and barnacles, researchers have developed their own natural adhesive from fibrous silk proteins.

Umicore has joined the development of Re I Source, a way to responsibly trace produced cobalt from the mine for use in electric cars.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components says that the company has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Recertification.

Sabic is collaborating with vehicle manufacturer Local Motors to research of recycling scrap thermoplastic parts from plastics 3D printing.

Carbon Mobile has received an innovation award for what it says the world’s first carbon fiber smartphone.

researchers reveal the secrets of transition metal-nitrogen-carbon (M-N-C) catalyst pyrolysis

Researchers have shown that quantum confinement can occur in perovskites, causing them to behave like liquid quantum dots, or 'quantum drops'.

Verder Scientific has agreed to acquire all shares of US company Mager Scientific, a distributor of metallographic and hardness testing equipment.

ThermHex Waben has reported 12% growth in 2021, with a capital increase to €1,000,000.

Export company Diamorph has signed a conditional agreement to acquire Permali Limited, a Gloucester, UK-based manufacturer of composites for defense.

ASM International has formed a collaboration with the Japanese Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) to exchange materials science knowledge and ideas.

Researchers have found that a semimetal made of cerium, ruthenium and tin is quantum critical in its native state, without the need for any fine-tuning.

Researchers have shown that 'bite-defects' in graphene nanoribbons can disrupt their electronic transport but also yield spin-polarized currents.

The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) has launched a new online course cover-ing the whole powder coating process.

Tiangong International, a Chinese producer of tool and die steel, has acquired a hot isostatic press (HIP) as part of its powder metallurgy (PM) expansion.

A novel, low-cost, sustainable aerogel made from cellulose nanofibrils and alginate shows promise for use in drug delivery and wound dressing.

Researchers have enhanced the strength of carbon fiber composites by simultaneously optimizing the orientation and thickness of the fibers.

Materials specialist QuesTek has received three Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards to create new materials development software.

ASTM has published its annual report, covering its development of standards in industries such as commercial spaceflight and additive manufacturing (AM).

CRP Technology has introduced a new polyamide-based carbon fiber filled composite for powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing.

Researchers have found that highly aligned carbon nanotube films can rotate the polarization of light at terahertz frequencies.

Utilizing two microscopy methods, researchers have visualized the oxidation of hydrogen on a rhodium nanoparticle in real time at nanometer resolution.

AIMPLAS says that its workshop entitled ‘The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing and Incorporating Additives to Plastics’ will be held online from 8–9 June 2021.

Gurit has extended its supply contract with Swiss manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd for another five years.

The MPIF reports that the Tungsten Heavy Alloy Handbook, written by Dr Randall M German, is now available for purchase through its website.

The SMMT reports that UK factories made 129,691 engines in April 2021, a big increase compared to April 2020 when only 1,147 were produced.

Researchers have chemically modified the organic material fluorenone for use in redox flow batteries, replacing expensive vanadium.

Researchers have shown how controlling the alignment of atoms at the surface of battery electrodes can enhance their interface with solid electrolytes.

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