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Materials news, October 2017

Defects responsible for photoluminescence in little-studied perovskite

Bromine vacancies that trap passing excitons are the source of the strong photoluminescence in a little-studied perovskite.

Low cost energy storage with readily available materials

A new, inexpensive battery powered by sulfur, air, water and salt can store twice as much energy as a lead-acid battery.

Matteo Matteucci, senior specialist in fasteners engineering, Alfa Romeo, discusses the GALM Joining, Forming & Manufacturing Technologies conference.

Carbon fiber is used in industries and areas whose products demand high levels of strength-to-weight ratio.

UK engine manufacturing surpassed two million units in Q3, the first time since records began, according to the SMMT.

Kordsa has been awarded a Grand Award at the 20th Quality Circles Sharing Conference organized by KalDer (the Turkish Quality Association).

The EPMA reports from its recent PM show, which took place in Milan, Italy, at the beginning of October.

Electrons under extreme conditions, warm dense matter.

The 2017 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award has been selected, according to the MPIF.

An industry report published by the EPTA suggests that there is a large potential for pultrusion growth within the residential housing market.

Chomarat has received a JEC Innovation Award in the Sports & Leisure category for its C-PLY Hexagonal with visual & structural stitching.

'Thermodynamic stability’ theory says nanoclusters will only be stable if the core cohesive energy is balanced by the core-to-shell binding energy.

High-resolution study of a nanocrystalline copper surface reveals a pattern of tilted grains creating a landscape of valleys and ridges.

Scientists have unexpectedly discovered ordered, segregation-induced superstructures at general grain boundaries in polycrystalline alloys.

A new technique that uses an electron beam to burn tiny windows into a polymer can measure the catalytic activity of 2D materials.

Additive manufacturing organization America Makes says that for the first time, its annual members meeting will be open to non-members.

Textiles specialist Porcher Industries has acquired the entire operations of P-D Interglas Technologies.

UK commercial vehicle (CV) production output fell in September, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Cobra International Co Ltd has launched a new business unit to make large composite structures for the architectural and mass transport industries.

Gurit reported net sales of CHF 268.8 million for the first nine months of 2017.

Inspiralia, a European new product development company, has made a strategic investment in the US $2.5 million financing round of SP Nano Ltd.

Coating paper with gold nanoparticles produces a flexible supercapacitor that could be used to help power wearable devices.

Scientists have produced novel photocatalysts by coating aluminum nanoparticles with islands of various different metals.

Biodegradable and flexible optical fibres offer many advantages for medicine.

Hexcel Corporation has published its Q3 and year-to-date (YTD) financial results.

America Makes and ANSI have launched phase 2 of the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC).

GKN reports thart Hans Büthker will become CEO of GKN Aerospace on 1st January 2018.

Researchers have come up with a new hybrid nanomaterial that can harness solar energy to generate hydrogen from seawater.

Computer simulations have shown that the molecules in glasses such as amorphous ice can sometimes be arranged in a previously undetected order.

Arcam reports in its new interim report an increase in net sales of 31% to SEK 575.4 million, up from SEK 440.2 million.

Czech resin manufacturer Spolchemie has developed EnviPOXY, a drop-in bioplastic epoxy resin made from waste glycerin from biodiesel production.

3A Composites AIREXBALTEKBANOVA plans to showcase its sustainable core materials at the Metstrade show.

Researchers have reported superconductivity in two kinds of higher titanium oxides prepared in the form of ultrathin films.

Scientists have developed a new electron microscope technique for observing colloidal nanoparticles while they interact and self-assemble.

ALMACO has sent out a survey to help nominate the winners of 2017 Brazilian composites indus-try's Top of Mind awards.

Lanxess says that its Tepex composites can be used as inserts for the local reinforcement of injection-molded components.

Scientists have increased the length of time that organic materials can emit luminescence from minutes to over an hour.

LPW Technology will be showcasing its new range of ‘clean’ powders for AM at Formnext 2017.

The MPIF reports that Alan Lawley, Emeritus Professor, Drexel University, died on 17 October at the age of 84.

Plastics molding specialist Engel has formed a new division called Engel Composite Systems.

Lanxess says that ore environmentally friendly forms of transport could be a major growth area for its range of materials.

New approach integrates liposomal technology with ‘smart’ hydrogels that are responsive to NIR light.

Scaffold consisting of freeze-dried conductive PEDOT:PSS supports survival, growth, and differentiation of osteogenic precursor cells.

Scigrip will be showcasing a range of methacrylate (MMA) adhesives during the Advanced Engineering Show taking place in Birmingham, UK.

JEC has named the companies who have won a composites Innovation Award.

Coating company Metaltech Ltd says it is is to join the Wallwork Group.

EPMA and the EuroAM Sectoral Group have launched the second edition of its Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology booklet.

Using ultracold atoms, researchers have discovered an intriguing magnetic behavior that could help explain how high-temperature superconductivity works.

By finding a way to sprinkle the surface of lead-sulphide quantum dots with extra sulphur, scientists have enhanced their charge transport properties.

Using a coating of conductive polymer, scientists have come up with a new technique for creating electrically heated clothing such as gloves.

Gurit has received a contract for the production and supply of carbon fiber-based exterior car body panels from an Italian automotive OEM.

North Thin Ply Technologies (NTPT) has licensed software for simulation of composite golf club shafts and other tubes.

Alcoa Corporation, which makes bauxite, alumina and aluminum products, has terminated the electricity contract tied to Alcoa’s Rockdale mine in Texas, USA.

GE Additive, Concept Laser and Arcam AB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GKN to collaborate on additive manufacturing (AM).

A novel perovskite solar cell retains more than 95% of its 20% conversion efficiency under full sunlight illumination for more than 1000 hours.

Using dynamic atomistic simulations, researchers have resolved every ‘jiggle and wiggle’ of atomic motion that underlies metal strength.

Hexcel has expanded its existing supply agreement with Vestas Wind Systems A/S to provide composite materials for wind blades.

Johns Manville (JM) reports that its plant in Slovakia has received certification for its continuous filament glass fiber (CFGF).

A new 2D film made of polymers and nanoparticles can direct two different non-mixing liquids into a variety of exotic architectures.

Scientists have uncovered a strategy for using surface tension to grow perovskites into centimeter-scale, highly pure crystals.

By precisely controlling the size and positioning of quantum dots in a superlattice, scientists are able to finely tune its optical properties.

Lanxess’ Urethane Systems business unit has joined forces with the University of Massachusetts to help develop new urethane materials.

Global aerospace and automotive engineering Group GKN has formed a new brand for its additive manufacturing (AM) activity.

Researchers have shown how laser light can be used to forge graphene into 3D objects such as a pyramid.

Scientists have discovered a two-dimensional alloy with an optical bandgap that can be tuned by the temperature used to grow the alloy.

The organizers of JEC Asia, taking place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 1–3 November, say that the event is fully booked.

The MPIF says that it has published the preliminary programs for POWDERMET2018 and AMPM2018.

The Biocomposites Conference Cologne will reportedly be the largest industry meeting on biocomposites worldwide.

Computer simulations predict that crystallized aluminum with a diamond-like structure would have a lower density than water.

Next-generation batteries may be inspired by biology.

A new study shows that defects in the crystal lattice of insulating metal oxides could be key to their use in a variety of high-tech applications.

Fibermaq, a Brazilian provider of composite molding equipment, plans to participate in the Congress of Industrial Management and Aeronautical Technology.

A polysaccharide polyelectrolyte complex made from cellulose and chitosan could replace plastic barrier coatings in packaging.

A novel fabric-like material electrode could help make batteries and supercapacitors faster and less susceptible to leaks or meltdowns.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS) has launched a new adhesion promotion that can be cured using UV light.

TAT Technologies has revealed the dates for its sintering courses taking place in November.

Frictional, structural, and mechanical studies of hind leg femur-tibia joint of katydids reveals novel antifriction and antiwear properties.

Using zirconium-based nanoparticles, researchers have developed a novel technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength alloys.

Micrometer-sized particles can be used to stabilize beer foam, and could also lead to the development of advanced functional materials.

Applied Graphene Materials, which produces specialty graphene materials, has released its unaudited preliminary results for the year ended 31 July 2017.

Hardide Coatings has developed coating technology to help protect high temperature, high pressure subsea choke valves.

Quickstep Holdings, an Australian manufacturer of carbon fiber composites, says that its three current directors will be leaving the company.

Global resin supplier AOC has promoted Dr John McAlvin to vice president, technology.

Textile group Chomarat has signed a distribution agreement with Velox, a European distributor in the market for composite materials.

Composites UK says it is working with advisors Briar Associates, to help composites company save money on energy taxes levied by the UK government.

The MPIF reports that a NSF grant will be provided to select US students to attend its POWDERMET2018 and AMPM2018 conferences in June 2018.

The MPIF says that its latest PM Parts Compacting/Tooling Seminar attracted 40 attendees.

A new study shows that animals spin silk by pulling rather than pushing it out of their bodies, which could improve the processing of synthetic materials.

Two new energy storage technologies, comprising a novel electrode and catalyst, could enhance lithium-ion batteries or replace them entirely.

UK commercial vehicle manufacturing grew 17.6% in January due to overseas demand.

Gurit says that it will transfer its UK prepreg business to its Spanish prepreg production facility by summer 2018.

Composites UK has released its shortlist for the 2017 composites industry awards.

Biomass used to make carbon microspheres for energy storage.

Novel filler for polymer composite used hollow glass microspheres and carbon fibers to bring unique combination of properties.

Hexcel Corporation has completed the acquisition of Structil SA, a French producer and supplier of composites for taerospace, defense and industry.

AM specialist Sintavia and the Trumpf Group plan to promote the use of Trumpf TruPrint metal printers in the aerospace industry.

A range of high end boats feature double shell hulls with Atlac 580 ACT and Synolite 288 resins from Aliancys, the company reports.

FOMAS Group and INTECO Group have signed a cooperation agreement to produce metal powders for the additive manufacturing (AM) market.

Introducing holes for storing magnesium and aluminum into titanium dioxide produces an effective electrode for multivalent batteries.

Scientists have boosted the performance of thermoelectric materials by tuning the carrier scattering mechanism to improve carrier mobility.

GKN has agreed a multi-year partnership with Panasonic Jaguar Racing to provide design, manufacturing and consultancy services to the Formula E team.

LPW Technology is working with Exactech, which makes bone and joint restoration products.

New research shows the potential of using nickel-based coatings to mitigate corrosion by molten salts in concentrating solar power plants.

Glycol ethers can significantly improve the structure and alignment of perovskite grains in the thin films used in solar cells.

Sicomin says it has supplied a range of composite materials to help make the SeaBubbles water taxi, designed for use in the world’s urban waterways.

NetComposites has rebranded its consultancy, training and innovation business as Coventive Composites.

Surface Generation has opened a new research and development facility for composites manufacturing at its headquarters in the UK.

A strategic cooperation agreement on the supply of carbon-fiber prepreg has been signed between Hengshen Co Ltd and Bombardier.

Germany-based BigRep, which makes large industrial 3D printers, has hired Frank Marangell as its new president for the US operations.

Polymer-coated gold nanocages loaded with active agents modulate telomerase activity.

Pathogen-mimicking nanocomplex tricks the body into launching immune response against tumors.

Using light and humidity to heal the defects in perovskites for solar cells.

Owens Corning says that it plans to invest US$50 million to expand production capacity at its composites manufacturing facility in Chambéry, France.

GKN plc has reported that chief executive Nigel Stein will retire at the end of 2017. He will also retires as a director in March 2018.

LPW Technology Ltd, which makes metal powders for Additive Manufacturing (AM), has published a new case study on maraging steel.

The organizers of the Industrial Nanocomposites Conference (INC) says that the show is now supported by The Graphene Council.

A thin layer of oxidation on graphene-wrapped magnesium nanoparticles can enhance rather than hinder their hydrogen storage.

A polymer ink for 3D printing that expands after it solidifies can produce printable structures that spontaneously fold themselves up.

New light-emitting diode that offers purest green light.

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