The Faculty of Sciences Agadir, Ibn Zohr University in collaboration with the Association of Knowledge, Research and Innovation Technologies (A.K.R.I.T), The Laboratories: Lab.SIE/FPO, LETSMP/FSA, LMTI/FSA and CED Ibn Zohr University. Organizes The First edition of the International Network of Biomaterials and Engineering Science (INBES’2020).

The Conference will be held at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Agadir- Morocco.

The  International Network of Biomaterials and Engineering Science (INBES’2020) well be held during April 16-18, 2020 in Agadir, Morocco. This is a fabulous open door for the representatives from Universities and Institutes to communicate with the world-class Scientists.

The International Network of Biomaterials and Engineering Science (INBES) highlights the latest research innovations of the multidisciplinary Sciences  designed for optimization applications within the fields of Biomarials, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology,  Physics and Chemical, Biological and Health  Systems. Focusing on a variety of Methods and techniques as well as theoretical and practical examples, this network is a significant resource for post graduate-level students, decision makers, and researchers in both public and private sectors who are seeking research-based methods for modelling uncertain and unpredictable real-world problems.

The second subject of the INBES is to organize a parallel workshops for training in the new technologies and applications such as Artificial Intelligence, renewable energies, computer science and engineering have reduced the dimension of data coverage worldwide.

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