As biomaterials research continues to advance and enhance the overall quality of life, the methods by which researchers achieve such new heights must also be continuously developed and optimized. This webinar will cover established and recently developed tools and techniques for nanomechanical characterization of biomaterials.

Key points to be covered with regards to testing of biomaterials include: testing in vitro, why nano matters when studying biomaterials, fluorescence microscopy combined with nanomechanical testing, and research fields for which the tools and techniques presented have been well-established.

“Biomaterials research” can include a wide variety of disciplines. Fortunately, the tools and techniques presented in this webinar continue to become more established as researchers in numerous biomaterial-related fields become familiarized with the available technology. Such biomaterial-related fields include:

  • Hard, mineralized tissues, such as bone and teeth
  • Biomedical devices and implantable materials (stents, catheters, contact lenses, etc.)
  • Soft, biological materials (cartilage, tissues, cells, etc.)
  • Biomimetic materials research
  • Cosmetology
  • Wood, fibers, plants, etc.

Discover first-hand what Hysitron’s techniques can do to expand your research and development capabilities in this complimentary educational webinar. See how Hysitron is redefining the world of nanomechanical testing for biomaterials research.