CIGS2015 (China International Graphene Summit 2015) will be held on January 21st in Shanghai, China as part of the OG4SS 2015. The area of graphene is developing rapidly recently. China owns the largest amount of graphite and will look for a long term development of graphene manufacture and applications. The Summit will cover latest technology and research progress in graphene worldwide, especially in China. The experts from graphene application developers, graphene producers and researchers will join us and provide incredible information you are desired to know.

The Graphene summit is co-located with four other conferences:
? CIOS2015 (4th Annual China International OLEDs Summit2015)
? CI4S2015 (China International Phosphor Summit2015)
? CISL2015 (China International Smart Lighting Summit2015)
? CISC2015 (China International Supercapacitor Summit2015)

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