The International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials is a premier forum to showcase the latest results in the science and technology of carbon materials, with an emphasis on diamond. This will be the 25th event of the series, a longevity sign of the constantly renewed interest and consistent progress made in the science and technology of carbon-based materials.

Demands for energy, human health and the environment are stronger than ever, and innovative, carbon-based, materials offer great potential to play a key role in making effective, economic applications. This underpins the choice of graphene as an EU Future Emerging Technology flagship, which is the first 10-year, 1,000 million euro FET flagship.

This conference will present the latest research on the growth, fundamental aspects of the properties and structure of carbon- and diamond-based materials as well as their application spanning nanoelectronics, quantum computing, electrochemistry and biotechnology.

Topics will include:

  • CVD growth of diamond and production and properties of nano-crystalline of diamond
  • Utilization of quantum effects for quantum computing, magnetometry and cryptography based on single defects
  • New developments and applications of carbon allotropes for bio- and environmental sensing
  • Manufacturing of pn and pin-junctions for deep UV-LEDs and power devices by way of progress in growth and doping of diamond
  • Growth of graphene and CVD of carbon nanotubes
  • Use of carbon nanotubes in electronics, supercapacitors and batteries
  • Applications of nano-diamond in drug delivery
  • Use of graphene in displays, RF electronics, supercapacitors, batteries, electrochemical and biochemical sensing as well as metal- replacement in power devices

Selected conference proceedings will be published by Materials Today: Proceedings. Visit the conference website for more information.