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Corrosion engineers today spend enormous amounts of time and money searching multiple detailed sources and variable industry-specific standards to locate known remedies to corrosion equipment problems. Corrosion Atlas Series is the first centralized collection of case studies containing challenges paired directly with solutions together in one location. The first two releases of content in the series, Corrosion Atlas Case Studies: 2019 Edition , Corrosion Atlas Case Studies: 2021 Edition and Corrosion Atlas Case Studies: 2023 Edition give engineers expedient daily corrosion solutions for common industrial equipment, no matter the industry. Providing a purely operational level view, these references are designed as concise case studies categorized by material and includes content surrounding the phenomenon, equipment appearance supported by a color image, time of service, conditions where the corrosion occurred, cause, and suggested remedies within each case study. Additional reference listings for deeper understanding beyond the practical elements are also included as well as a glossary and technical cross-referencing to be utilized across many industries.  Rounding out with an introductory foundational layer of corrosion principles critical to all engineers, Corrosion Atlas Case Studies delivers the daily tool required for engineers today to solve and learn from their equipment’s corrosion problems.

Key Features:

  • Peer-reviewed by the Editor supported by an international editorial board
  • Addresses major industrial pieces of equipment, covering multiple industries such as petroleum and chemical engineering, construction, transportation and materials science
  • Identifies failures by appearance with color figures included within each case study
  • Provides additional supportive literature through additional journal articles

Series Editor

Fuad Khoshnaw, Senior Academic and Researcher, School of Engineering and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University (DMU), UK

Dr. Fuad Khoshnaw is a senior academic and researcher in the School of Engineering and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University (DMU) in the United Kingdom. Dr. Khoshnaw received his PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Loughborough University, UK, in 2010. Previously, he studied Metallurgical Engineering BSc (1986) at the Technical University, Baghdad – Iraq, from where he received his MSc (1991) and PhD (1995). In 2004, he became a Chevening Scholar by finishing business to drive technology transfer and the commercialization of innovation programs at the Centre of Scientific Enterprise Limited in London Business School, London.  From 2010 to 2015, he worked as a Professor and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University in Iraq. So far, he published more than 50 papers in high-impact factor international journals and conferences, also he is the Editor of 6 books.  Dr Khoshnaw’s research experience is mainly focused on topics of corrosion, biomaterials, welding, failure analysis, additive manufacturing and fracture mechanics.


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Please download the blank case study template form using the link and send all case studies for publication consideration to . You are encouraged to submit multiple case studies, from one to unlimited with each case study at a minimum of 300 words up to a maximum of 500 words, and 1-2 color figures in jpeg or tiff format at 300 dpi or higher for printer quality. Submitting video or other multimedia ancillary content is also accepted.

We also welcome short reports or essays on a particular topic that are related to corrosion such as corrosion in building, sustainability, corrosion costs, etc. If you are interested, you can write a 5-10 page (max) report that will summarize your thoughts, theories, mechanisms, types, etc., about the topic you want to write about it, for example, corrosion in building and bridges (concrete in general), in a way to start with a simple introduction to help the readers understand without having a strong background about the topic and slowly going to deeper information to cover advance approaches.

Please submit your case studies or report(s) in final form to Anita Koch between now and August 1st 2024.

All contributors will receive one electronic copy of the volume that includes their contribution(s). Contributors submitting 30 or more will be compensated a flat fee upon publication of the volume.

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Drs. Anita Koch
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