Empower women and rural learners in STEM fields through resources, support, and STEM activities.

ANEH Scientific Foundation (www.anehfoundation.com) is an Indian non-profit exclusively devoted to materials science, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity as catalysts for scientific innovation and advancement. Our mission is to empower women and rural learners in STEM fields through resources, support, and STEM activities, creating a network of students, educators, and professionals while collaborating nationally and internationally with academia, industry, regulators, and stakeholders. We address gender-related career challenges, notably the PhD-to-academic transition, through ANEH-WISE, promoting women and girls' STEM participation, and ANEH-TRANS, aiding rural students' research careers with fellowships and awards, fostering comprehensive personal development.

The Agents of change Award grant will be used to empower Indian women PhD scholars, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds and those with career breaks. The key objective is to support their progress in materials science research, focusing on nanomaterials.

The ANEH Scientific Foundation's initiative is till today driven by the need to address gender disparity in STEM fields. It employed rigorous data collection methods to identify this need and assess the initiative's impact, recognizing the complexity of the issue and the importance of multifaceted solutions. The initiative aimed to create a more inclusive and equitable STEM landscape through mentorship, awareness programs, data collection, and community support.

Agents of Change Shortlist – Dr. Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu, Dr. Kumar Palanisamy, Dr. P Issac Nelson - ANEH Scientific Foundation