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The webinar will start with an overview of current FTIR microscopy and imaging techniques and will expand on the newly introduced low pressure, damage free  approach to attenuated total reflectance (ATR) Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) micro-imaging using Agilent’s unique “live ATR FTIR imaging” technique.

We will take examples in the fields of electronic components testing, polymers, pharmaceuticals and art conservation research, where microscopic chemical analysis of samples that are often very fragile (and/or valuable) are crucial to many aspects of materials research and testing, so as to enable the collection of spatially resolved chemical composition information.

Why should I attend the webinar?

•    Provides “damage free” ATR FTIR imaging analysis, whereby the ATR crystal does not leave any marks or indentations on the sample that are typical in traditional ATR FTIR imaging techniques used for art conservation samples
•    Enables the collection of ATR FTIR images from high value samples that are fragile and sensitive to applied pressure and cannot be mounted in support resin, such as delicate electronic components, pharmaceuticals, raw polymer laminates
•    Enables the collection of micro chemical images in minutes, with spatial resolution down to 2 microns


Dr Mustafa Kansiz, Research FTIR Product Manager, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Dr Stewart Bland, Editor of Materials Today


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