Advanced triboelectric materials for liquid energy harvesting and emerging application

Triboelectric properties of materials play an essential role in liquid energy harvesting and emerging application. The triboelectric properties of materials can be controlled by chemical functionalization strategy, which can improve the utilization of liquid energy resources or reduce the hazards of electrostatic effects. Herein, the latest research progress in molecular modification based on chemical functionalization to control triboelectric properties of materials is systematically summarized. By introducing the mechanism of contact electrification between liquid and solid materials and the developmental history of liquid–solid contact electrification, the influence of solid surface charge density, wettability and liquid properties on contact electrification of liquid and solid materials is described. Research progress on chemical functionalization for improving the hydrophobicity of solid materials, surface charge density of solid materials and triboelectric properties of liquid materials is highlighted. The focus then turns to the significance of enhanced liquid–solid contact electrification in energy harvesting, self-powered sensors and metal corrosion protection. Recent advances in chemical functionalization strategies for weakening the triboelectric properties of solid and liquid materials are also highlighted. Finally, an outlook of the potential challenges for developing chemical functionalization strategies in the field of solid surface modification and liquid molecular modification is presented.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.10.034