An international workshop focussed on discussing the latest insight and developments in understanding the high value and important hexagonal close packed family of materials. This workshop will be hosted in Oxford and will contain a range of high quality technical presentations, focussed discussion sessions, a vibrant and exciting poster session. We look forward to welcoming friends, colleagues, experts and collaborators from industry and academia.


  • Experiments & simulations of deformation in HCP alloys across time and length scales
  • Non destructive testing & innovative characterisation strategies
  • High rate deformation & foreign object damage
  • Engineering with HCP alloys

Keynote talks:

  • Bill Curtin, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Michael Mills, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
  • Rusty Gray, Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico, USA

Industrial Led Discussion Sessions:

  • HCP in Nuclear—Javier Romero (Westinghouse, South Carolina, USA) & Ted Darby (Rolls-Royce, Derby, UK)
  • HCP in Aero—David Rugg (Rolls-Royce, Derby, UK) &  Steve Fox, Timet, Nevada, USA )

The workshop will take place in Pembroke College, Oxford. Pembroke college is located in central Oxford, near the city centre. Oxford has excellent road and rail links and is not far from London. An airline coach service runs from Heathrow and Gatwick to Oxford. And the National Express service runs from  London Stansted via Luton airport to Oxford.