The aim of ICANM2014 is to gather researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners, policy makers, from all over the world to present advances in Advanced & Nano Materials. We are in an era in which there is a continuous progress in Advanced & Nano Materials technologies and ICANM2014 will provide a forum to exchange information, present new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of materials and nano technology.

This highly interactive conference and exposition is designed to promote information exchange among scientists, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and exhibitors involved in materials science, specifically in the area of Advanced and Nano materials.

ICANM 2014 will cover a wide range of interdisciplinary and current research topics related to advanced & nano materials. These new materials includes, nanomaterials, bio-nanomaterials, composites, etc. Specific topics to be discussed will include but not limited to:

  •  New materials
  •  Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
  •  Ferrous and non-ferrous material
  •  Composites
  •  Ceramic materials
  •  Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
  •  New Functional Materials
  •  Smart/Intelligent Materials
  •  Materials Forming & Machining
  •  Application of Nanomaterials in mining, metallurgical, electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries
  •  Process development and process control
  •  Modelling, Simulation & Optimisation of advanced and nano Materials/Manufacturing Processes
  •  Surface Engineering and Coatings
  •  Advanced and nanomaterial’s education
  •  Environment and Sustainable Development
  •  Market and Finance
  •  Biomaterials, bio-nanomaterials and biopolymers
  •  New material characterization methods
  •  Novel nanomanufacturing methods
  •  Polymer composites
  •  Safety and legislation for new advanced and nano materials
  •  New directions of material research
  •  Information Technology in Material Designing