Currently, nanotechnology has been responsible for an unprecedented positive impact in healthcare advances, by merging fundamental and applied sciences as complementary tools envisioning an enhanced quality of life. Recently, a broader spectrum of high performance nanomaterials and material-based nanosystems has been engineered with interests in medical and health-related fields. At the same time, there has been a shift in importance from designing exclusively bioinert materials to instead producing complex bioactive building blocks for mimicking target functions. In this context, this symposium is mainly focused on discussing the latest advances on the next generation of biomedical nanomaterials including their different fabrication approaches and applications. Furthermore, we welcome investigations focusing on the design and characterization of novel biomedical materials and devices as well as their structure-property relationships with biological responses. In addition, a great emphasis will be given to the design of novel (bio)-nanomaterials as potential candidates to integrate multifunctional devices targeting self-assembly materials. Relevant topics include, but not restricted to, biocompatible materials, nanotechnology and drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative materials, sensors and biosensors, biomimetics and, materials in orthopedics and clinical dentistry.