The materials that this conference takes up are: Diamond; nanocrystalline diamond (NCD); diamond-like carbon (DLC); CN, BN, and BCN compounds; carbons nanotube (CNT); graphene; and other carbon based materials.

  • Materials Preparation and Characterization
    Growth of films, bulk, and nano-scale materials, theoretical studies including simulations, microfabrication and etching, nano materials characterizations, and surface properties.
  • Electronic Properties and Device Applications
    Electronic properties of doped and undoped materials, n-type dopants, electronic and dopant states, surface conduction, defects and impurities, field emission, active and passive devices, electrical component applications, superconductivity, and quantum electronics.
  • Optical and Optoelectronic Properties, and Device Applications
    UV emission, photoconductivity, luminescence, and optical/optoelectronic devices.
  • Electrochemical and Biochemical Properties and Applications
    Chemical electrodes, sensors, biocompatibility, biosensors, and medical applications.
  • Mechanical and Thermal Properties and Applications
    Anti-wear and anti-abrasive coatings, cutting tool coatings, lubricant-free coatings, friction, adhesion, heat sinks, and MEMS.
  • Physics and chemistry of above materials, characterization and applications.


Dr. William Holber
Plasmability LLC, USA, Diamond deposition system with toroidal plasma

Prof. Matthias Schreck
Universitat Augsburg, Germany Heteroepitaxial diamond growth

Dr. Lothar Schäfer
Fraunhofer-Institute IST, Germany Hot-Filament CVD of Diamond Coatings from Research to Products

Prof. Mark Newton
Warwick U., UK EPR studies on diamond

Prof. Terumitsu Hasebe
Tokai Univ., Japan Medical application of carbon materials

Prof. Ozyilmaz Barbaros
National University of Singapore

Dr.Satoru Masubuchi
Quantum transport in graphene/h-BN
University of Tokyo

Prof. Zhenhui KANG
Soochow University, China
Carbon Nanodots