The ability to design and control the structure of an object at all length scales from the atom up to macro scale” is a recognized definition of nanotechnology, which the chemical and physical characteristics of materials at nanoscale fade the boundaries between physics, chemistry and biology. Nanotechnology with a considerable influence on now and future medical science and technology seems to have a vital role in biomedical priority research areas and applications, such as drug delivery, target-specific drug therapy, gene therapy, molecular imaging, biomarkers, biosensors, early diagnosis of pathologies, and so on.

Hence, in the path of the INN mission for providing learning tours, improving the transfer of knowledge and experience among the academic researchers, scientists, industrialists and policy makers, and training of qualified human resources of the OIC member states, INN is offering a two-day international conference/workshop. The 2017 “Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine” conference/workshop is one of conference/workshop series related to nanotechnology will be held by the Inter-Islamic on nanotechnology network (INN) on 2-3 May 2017 at Materials and Energy research Center (MERC) in Meshkindasht, Alborz, Islamic Republic (IR) of Iran. Original papers on nanometer-scale materials, devices, and technologies that utilized in biomedical science and technology are welcome.