Nanoscale materials, in the form of nanoparticles, play an important and growing role across a range of different applications and industries who seek to exploit the significantly enhanced properties exhibited by such materials (e.g. greatly increased surface area, number concentration). The overall properties and stability of many manufactured products often depends upon the ability to repeatedly produce particle populations within fine tolerances, without the presence of contaminants or aggregates. The concentration of particles within a suspension is another factor that may have an effect upon the desired outcome of a product. It is clear then that there is a real need to characterize a variety of different properties when analysing nanoparticles in order to fully understand the relationship between the formulation and the overall bulk characteristics of the materials. Similarly, Paterson et al have reviewed the requirement for quantified nanoparticle concentrations in environmental media in order to appropriately assess the risks to biological species due to potential nanoparticle exposure.

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