Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic is an international forum for researchers and product developers in the applications of whole-cell and cell-free enzymes as catalysts in organic synthesis. Emphasis is on mechanistic and synthetic aspects of the biocatalytic transformation.

Papers should report novel and significant advances in one or more of the following topics;

  • Applied and fundamental studies of enzymes used for biocatalysis;
  • Industrial applications of enzymatic processes, e.g. in fine chemical synthesis;
  • Chemo-, regio- and enantioselective transformations;
  • Screening for biocatalysts;
  • Integration of biocatalytic and chemical steps in organic syntheses;
  • Novel biocatalysts, e.g. enzymes from extremophiles and catalytic antibodies;
  • Enzyme immobilization and stabilization, particularly in non-conventional media;
  • Bioprocess engineering aspects, e.g. membrane bioreactors;
  • Improvement of catalytic performance of enzymes, e.g. by protein engineering or chemical modification;
  • Structural studies, including computer simulation, relating to substrate specificity and reaction selectivity;
  • Biomimetic studies related to enzymatic transformations.

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