Please join us on the webinar on Thursday, July 27th 2023 starting at 16.00 BST that will feature keynote speaker Dr. Peter Lee of Southwest Research Institute, discussing the topic of A Variable Hardness PVD Coating - A Paradigm Shift For Running-In. Rings & liners must run-in before reaching optimum performance & oil control. A top softer run-in coating is better for removing asperities and gives optimum surfaces after which a lower harder durable coating is best. So, a dual coating is required. WC/C on CrN is available but not always successful due to delamination problems. Therefore, engines are often operated with no piston ring coating or a single durable coating which is not optimum. Work by SwRI developed a durable low friction Ti-Si-C-N coating. In a full vehicle fuel economy savings of 0.82% were obtained. The Ti-Si-C-N coating is ‘tuneable’ during the deposition process giving a softer top layer. Being the same coating with different hardness applied in one process removes delamination concerns. Coatings were tested in a tribometer and liner surfaces analysed (3D & SEM) to find the best coating. SwRI worked with Total Seal Piston Ring to install the variable hardness piston rings in a NASCAR engine to observe improved horsepower.

You can register here, and if you can’t join us for the live webinar a recording of it will be available after on the Surface Ventures website.