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Biomaterials comment

Roadkill, earwax, and the zombie apocalypse

Earwax, roadkill and zombies, bizarre news

The Future of Construction: Living-Algae Buildings

Using algae as a building material.

Comment by Sean McGee, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA.

The biological environment interacts with nanoparticles, changing their structure and properties and thus their potential toxicity.

Browse a selection of papers related to the behaviour of H in a range of metals and metallic alloys.

carbon nanodots are a new exciting class of metal-free and carbon-rich fluorescent nanomaterials

Pöyry’s Head of Biofutures, Petri Vasara, calls for a recarbonisation revolution of global material flows.

China and USA are front-runners, competitors and collaborators in the field of nanotechnology

The passage of time and yet another season of Nobel Prizes

Investigation of nanoparticle-cell interactions is a crucial issue with regard to nanomedicine and nanotoxicology.

Just wash your hands with plenty of soap and hot water, no need for bactericidal products.

Enzymic browing of apples.

How do we explain music's emotional effects, could LSD help?

Thin films/coatings of diamond is now a realistic and exciting choice for biomedical implant.

Biomaterials science breakthroughs are on the way.

Nature shows the way for the design and structure of new material surfaces.

A personal perspective on interdisciplinary research, by Sergio Bertazzo.

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Biocompatible nanocarriers containing superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and a common antibiotic can treat biofilms.


As COMPOSITES EUROPE's official media partner Reinforced Plastics can offer our readers free entrance tickets.


Materials Today Interview with Dr Davide Crivelli from the Politecnico di Milano about acoustic emission.


China and USA are front-runners, competitors and collaborators in the field of nanotechnology

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