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“I am glad that I have been awarded the Materials Today Agents of Change Award 2023 by Materials today and the Elsevier Foundation for creating awareness about mental health in the materials science community and our club is ranked on number one. Let’s continue together making this world an inclusive and happier place. Be Happy Be Mental. Be a Happy Mental.Vishal Chaudhary

We are pleased to share the names of the awardees for the Materials Today Agents of Change Award. In the year 2023, these awards were granted to commendable initiatives dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the materials science research community. The selected recipients not only receive financial support but also gain valuable exposure for their impactful work.

After careful consideration of a curated list featuring five outstanding candidates, the judges for the Materials Today Agents of Change Award faced the challenging task of choosing the two initiatives that stood out the most.

The $10,000 grants are awarded to the following two initiatives:

The judges highlighted that in many social settings, mental health is often considered a taboo topic. Those in the scientific space are expected to maintain a stoic demeanor. Unfortunately, mental health is frequently relegated to the lowest priority in one's life. We find it commendable that this [the Happy Mental Health Club] initiative is taking proactive steps to support underrepresented groups in prioritizing their well-being.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that the Summer School’s significance lies in its ability to bridge the gap between underprivileged researchers and transformative scientific experiences, and it stands out for its dedication to empowering underrepresented graduate and undergraduate students. It actively engages with the local community, especially young students, nurturing an interest in science and innovation.

The judging panel has chosen to bestow an Honorable Mention upon Daniel Mukasa of the California Institute of Technology, USA, and the Conference for Emerging Black Academics in STEM (CEBAS). This recognition is a testament to the exceptional merit demonstrated in your application. The Honorable Mention serves as a collective acknowledgment of the remarkable qualities and achievements you have showcased. Your team's unwavering dedication, skills, and contributions have been duly noted, and through this mention, we aim to ensure that you receive the recognition you truly deserve. Click here to find out more.

We invite you to extend your congratulations to the deserving recipients of the award and to stay engaged with the unfolding journeys of their projects in the years ahead. Keep an eye on this space as we'll be conducting follow-up interviews with the 2023 Materials Today Agents of Change awardees and unveiling the criteria for next year's award.

To see the shortlist of the other candidates, please visit here: https://www.materialstoday.com/materials-today-agents-of-change-awards-2023

The Agents of Change awards are supported by Materials Today and The Elsevier Foundation