The Agents of Change Award would not only help in expanding the reach of CEBAS but also in enriching its content

The primary objective of the Conference for Emerging Black Academics in STEM (CEBAS) was to create a platform that fosters connection, collaboration, and camaraderie among Black academics in the Southern California region. We envisioned a space where students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and other professionals could converge, share their research, and discuss their unique experiences as Black academics in STEM fields. The conference was not just about presentations; it was about building a community, bridging gaps, and amplifying the voices of Black scientists and engineers.

While there are existing conferences for Black scientists, many are field-specific. CEBAS stood out by embracing a broader spectrum of disciplines, fostering an environment where attendees could appreciate and learn from each other's expertise, irrespective of their specific field of study. The conference was marked by a series of research presentations from a wide range of STEM disciplines including chemistry, biology, astrophysics, and materials science. These sessions showcased the cutting- edge research being conducted by Black academics and provided a platform for young researchers to gain insights and feedback from seasoned professionals.

The Materials Today Agents of Change Award would be instrumental in propelling the Conference for Emerging Black Academics in STEM (CEBAS) to new heights. While the inaugural event was a success, its scope was limited to institutions within Southern California. Our vision is to expand CEBAS to a larger scale and foster a more inclusive and diverse academic community and content presentation.