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Welcome to the latest issue of the Materials Today journal.

In this issue we begin with Chengtie Wu and colleagues discussingOsteoimmunomodulation for the development of advanced bone biomaterials, and aim to revise traditional methods for bone biomaterials assessment and assist in developing new bone biomaterials. Next Peng, Tsang and Chou review newly developed nanoparticulate agents that serve as better alternatives to traditional materials for MRI contrast agents, in Chemical design of nanoprobes for T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Lain-Jong Li and colleagues provide insights into layered 2D heterostructures, with a concise introduction to preparative approaches for 2D materials and heterostructures, in Heterostructures based on two-dimensional layered materials and their potential applications. In our final review for the issue, Yong Yang and co-workers provide a critical review of the recent studies aiming to address the fundamental issues related to phase formation in high entropy alloys, in High-entropy alloy: Challenges and prospects.

On the cover of this issue, the journal features highly ordered and free-standing plasmonic nanoparticle superlattice sheets, termed ‘plasmene’, and are discussed in more detail in this issue's Uncovered feature.

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And so, as always, we hope you enjoy this issue of Materials Today.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2016.05.013