Abstract: Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is an ultra-wide bandgap insulating material, which possesses a graphite-like layered structure, and the two-dimensional (2D) hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets (hBNNS), exfoliated from the bulk hBN, have promising applications in electronic packaging and high-power devices, due to the high thermal conductivity, excellent thermal/chemical stability as well as the ultra-wide band gap. However, the exfoliation of hBNNS is still a challenge with respect to high cost, time consuming, and low yield. Herein, a facile hydrothermal exfoliation method was proposed for the first time to exfoliate the hBNNS in a large yield and high concentration. In the optimized hydrothermal conditions, the lithium ion (Li+) intercalation, isopropanol (IPA) solvent, and the strong stirring could give rise to a large exfoliation yield up to ~55% and a high concentration ~4.13?mg/mL. In addition, the exfoliated hBNNS could enhance the methyl orange (MO) photodegradation efficiency of TiO2 from 91% to 96.4 %. Most importantly, this hydrothermal exfoliation method could be a universal approach for the exfoliation of 2D materials.

A universal method for large-yield and high-concentration exfoliation of two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2018.10.039